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I have just been pulled over and charged $110 and one demerit point for having stiletto end caps on my grips, they put me over 900mm wide total for my bars. And also I have tear drop mirrors that the cop told me have to be 75mm over the whole length.


Does anyone know if he is correct or knows what he is talking about.



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Comment by Tony Fredericks on April 12, 2013 at 4:46am
Deano, unfortunately every bike that hits the show room is what the law see's as road legal ADR compliant, all states, anything you change mirrors, grips, pegs, bars, wheels, etc etc etc if it wasn't there at time of sale could be deemed as non standard and illegal- fussy pedantic police and RTA with a mind for compliance can and are sometimes pricks about it in all states, it's just the luck of the draw on the day you get pulled over.
Yep it sucks but in most cases if your bikes clean tidy and obviously road worthy meaning good tyres, brakes, well kept and modified within reason or engineered with a certificate " yer even mirrors " you will find that a reasonable officer will see you as an enthusiast and not just some nuf nuf hoon and move you on your way "hopefully"

We all expect that some time "officer Pedantic" will wave us over and give us note to take home to mother, steel points, and raid our bank accounts, I know there are far more dangerous poorly built crap heaps out there they should be targeting rather than lightly modified brand New Victory's, good luck ride safe
Comment by Dean Burwell on April 12, 2013 at 2:57am

I agree with the money making comment. I went to the cops this week to get teh defect notice lifted and he told me the old stock mirrors looked like they did not comply but they had a E stamped on the back which Robo at Rollies told me complys, so the cop let that go. Had no chance of getting the caps sign off.

The exact mirrors were the Ness Rad III mirrors which have abotu 75mm diameter then tappered to a sharp drop like end. Still reckon there is as much mirror cm2 as the stock ones.

never mind all sorted now.


Comment by stephen stretch Deegan on April 11, 2013 at 7:48pm

if stilleto end caps are sold in the shop and thats where you bought them from then they are legal,do you have the small teardrop mirror if so they are not legal, i would like to see the law book about your cap ends, i  think he is making money,


Comment by Dean Burwell on April 9, 2013 at 2:43am

Thanks Heath, have taken the stilettos off and put back on my stcok mirrors. Have foudn a check list that states if they have 80cm2 of mirror they may apply. It was from a ADR checklist 



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