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Ah, the end of summer, the beginning of intermittent riding season in Colorado. Intermittent because we watch the skies for snow anytime in the high country and rain and cool weather on the prairie. As winter gets closer, we are pretty much shut out of the mountains, although on some sunny days we can ride just over the ridge to Deckers or up for a quick ride to Cripple Creek. One must remember to head home in time or face the consequences. In any case, a set of heated gear is a must for comfortable fall/winter riding; I have Gerbings jacket liner and winter gloves.

This summer in Wyoming, riding in 45 degree rain, my Gerbings gloves caused a fault in the wiring. Luckily the weather warmed up for the rest of the journey and I didn't need the gloves any more. I shipped them to Gerbings HQ for a quick repair. I'll need them when several of my friends and I head over to the Durango area for a nice weekend ride the weekend after labor day.

My 2002 TCD is approaching 91K miles and should reach 100K by spring time, that is assuming we have plenty of pleasant intermittent riding days through the fall and winter. So far the bike has been mostly trouble free. I had a main bearing go out at the 67K mile mark. Hopefully that won't happen again. I told my wife that while the bike is apart we could add some performance enhancements. She wondered if that would make the bike go faster. Of course, but just a bit! Well, then no -- it already goes fast enough. I'm just happy she doesn't have a problem with me riding...

Other than the bearings, the odds and ends of normal maintenance, rear wheel pulley, belt, plugs, tires, brake light switch and a miss in one of my cylinders. I also noticed that the rubber boots below the throttle body are beginning to crack, so that is probably a little winter project to replace those.

I'm thankful to have good friends to ride with, good health, great scenery and a great bike...


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Comment by Jeff Martini on September 7, 2009 at 8:21am
Great Ross, I wish I were able to ride with you on some of your journeys. 91kmiles. eh? Almost time for a Cross Country!


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