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Ross' musings on reaching 100,000 miles

The story begins with my '99 Victory KYSO. I loved that bike. I was interested in the new 2002 "Freedom" engines with a bit more power and a bit better gas mileage. But, I wasn't biting.

Here's the '99 at the Grand Tetons, Wyoming

And again towards the end of our Iron Butt ride -- hard to believe that less than 2 months later I would trade it in...

In October of 2003 I needed a new tire for my 99 (it had 45,000 miles on it) and I traveled up to Longmont, CO (Twin Peaks Powersports), as I enjoyed the crew up there. Karma went along for the ride -- I guess he was bored and wanted to take the morning off from his shop... While waiting for the new tire to be installed, Karma pointed out a used 2002 TCD in the parking lot. It had just been marked down. Interesting. Great price, and it only had 950 miles on it.

I took it for a ride. It had factory exhaust. It felt good. Karma encouraged me to buy it.

I inquired, we negotiated a bit and settled on a price. I was hooked. I worked with finance and she set me up with a local credit union so I wouldn't have to go home and wait. She wanted the sale that day.

We made the deal. I had stage one installed. I couldn't believe I bought another bike on the spur of the moment. How would I explain this to Ann?!?! I decided not to worry about that until I got home.

I don't really remember what I was thinking, but I do remember that the payment for the '02 was about $50 less than the '99. I would use that and see if that worked.

I got home and parked the '02 in the garage. I didn't mention anything to Ann. A couple hours later she had gone into the garage. And, here was my big mistake...The '02, as you will see, was a different color than the '99. She noticed that right away (she's a girl after all). She asked me if this bike was a loner while I got a new tire for the '99. Nope. I started to dance and talked about the lower payment, the better engine, it will last longer, anything I could think of. Nothing worked. She wasn't buying it.

But, the deal was done and because she wasn't consulted she was a wee bit PO'd. I promised that I wouldn't think about another bike until I hit 100,000 miles on this one. She figured that would be a long time. I knew better -- just 7 short years :-)

Here is a pic of the '02 after I "engineered" a better fitting seat and installed a backrest...

Well, as you can imagine, I felt a bit of relief as she wasn't too upset -- LOL.

Well, lots of miles and smiles later, I hit 100,000 miles. I took a pic of the odometer at 99,999, then again at 100,000, and then of me. I was in Littleton, CO on my way to Karma's place to change my oil. I tried to have it turn in his shop parking lot, but I couldn't milk it...

The 99,999 odometer:

Here is the 100,000 odometer:

And a pic of me and the bike at the 100,000 spot in Littleton:

Notice that the color has changed. This was the result of a minor accident on our return from the 2008 Spirit Lake AVR. I was stopping too quickly and slid on some sand next to the road. It was over in about 1/2 second. One saddle back was ruined and it would be hard to paint it to the same dull black as the rest of the bike (5 years of riding had taken a toll on the shine).

I have not traded the '02 in and I don't have any plans to do so. It's been a great bike and continues to be a great bike. I have it set up like I like it, with wind management and comfortable seating, along with my grand luggage does NOT have a 20 pound limit, and I can lift the rear end of the bike up just by holding on to the rack...very sturdy. I get mid-40s in gas mileage -- can't complain about that. Everything on the bike seems to be wearing just fine.

So, the day has passed, the long awaited 100,000 mile day. It passed like a birthday. A few pictures and no real feeling of euphoria or exultation. Just another day of riding - miles of smiles.

My next milestone is 150,000. I'll see what happens between now and then. Maybe I'll trade it in, but most likely I will keep it and get something else. I've been thinking of a dual-sport type touring bike. Wish Victory made one...sigh.

I like the new X bikes (Cross Country and Cross Roads), but the TC is a great bike and has many more miles to give me. Maybe there will be a nice CC for me when I'm ready to give this guy a rest.

Riding on...smiling as the miles roll by...

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