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Have you ever noticed the signs along the road? How about the signs in restrooms? Well, I do. I find they can be interesting, informative, and entertaining. Lady Bird didn't do us any favors by taking road signs down, especially when driving across Nebraska or Kansas...

Here's one I saw in Yellowstone National Park last year...

Now, why would the highway department go to all the trouble to put up an expensive sign for a single truck?!?!? Especially when, from the other direction, multiple trucks were turning... Go figure.

Then, near Kamiah, Idaho, Paul Bunyan held his axe above his head to let parents know they should read to their children......or else!

Note that the Idaho Paul Bunyan was not quite as handsome as the Bemidji, MN Paul. And, he didn't have Babe the Blue Ox along side.

For those who have interests in physics and philosphy, here is a handwritten sign to contemplate.

For those who are tempted to put other things in toilets, heed this sign. However, if you read it closely...where do you put the stuff you normally place in a toilet?!?

Another interesting set of Yellowstone signs... The slow drivers should pull over. Ok, that makes sense, even though the speed limit is 45 mph (not sure who can't keep up that speed)... But, the next sign says to see the park newspaper for delays. So, if you are driving slow due to a delay, are you supposed to pull over? Does the park paper give any details? The public deserves to know...

I think this next photo was taken in northern Washington... Mountain View campground has really made improvements to their outdoor biffy's -- now with showers! Obviously a one-holer, but where is the shower? Maybe you just sit there and the shower washes from the top, and perhaps the bottom where it is most definately needed...

I believe I was in the Olympic Penninsula, WA when I spotted this fine fellow. He even puts out a pillow for others to try standing on their heads too!

I wasn't on a motorcycle trip on this one, but we did talk motorcycles during the business meeting in Buffalo, NY...exactly who is allowed to go through the door? I don't get it...

I have more and continue to collect additional signs. Feel free to add your favorites!


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Comment by Ross Thacker on October 10, 2008 at 9:46pm
Well, Wayne, perhaps in a book, if I ever write one some day...
Comment by Wayne Jones on October 9, 2008 at 3:26pm
I can't believe you couldn't find a single sign from Kodachrome Basin State Park to share on your Blog.
Comment by Ross Thacker on September 9, 2008 at 12:01pm
One sign I didn't get a photo of... While we were riding in Montana last summer, there were houses visible through the trees. On a painted plywood board attached to a tall pine was a pleading sign, "Do not shoot at houses". Perhaps Sarah Palin can urge her fellow hunters to be careful while discharging their rifles...
Comment by Dapper on September 9, 2008 at 7:11am
Karma’s thought bubble in photo #4: “Man, I hope Ross doesn’t blog about this.” In Yellowstone, you end up driving slowly because as you drive you’re trying to read the park newspaper to locate the delays. Ross, you are the Charles Kuralt of motorcycling (minus the secret mistress in Montana). We want to see and read more.
Comment by Jeff Martini on September 9, 2008 at 6:25am
Ross, your bike trips have uncovered a side of you previously hidden, the photo-journalist biker. Your use of light and composition to unveil the irony of signage is uncanny and irreverent. I'm glad you chose the VRN to debut your art and hope that the Smithsonian reconsiders your exhibition offer. Keep 'em coming!


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