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Ross' musings on reaching 100,000 miles

The story begins with my '99 Victory KYSO. I loved that bike. I was interested in the new 2002 "Freedom" engines with a bit more power and a bit better gas mileage. But, I wasn't biting.

Here's the '99 at the Grand Tetons, Wyoming

And again towards the end of our Iron Butt ride -- hard to believe that less than 2 months later I would trade it in...…


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V2V-11, Leg 5 -- Craig CO to Castle Rock CO

Tom picked out a perfect motel at the end of Leg 4 in Craig CO -- Bear Valley Inn, 755 East Victory Way, Craig, CO. A very nice, recently refurbished motel. The managers were very nice to us, bike towels, open pit fire, ice for beer, and some morning supplies. Stop it and visit for the night if you are every in or near Craig CO.

Dean, Karma and I set out to meet up with the V2V from Denver. We had a great ride, and Karma was kind enough to let Dean and I each take a turn on Karma's new… Continue

Added by Ross Thacker on June 25, 2010 at 9:35pm — 2 Comments

NM/AZ/NV/UT/CO Ride - Eighth day (22-May-2010)

We depart Page with stiff winds from the SW. Later in the day the winds were steady at 40-50 mph. So, today we mostly had a side wind or a tail wind. We prefer the latter...

Pretty much desert riding in the wind. Miserable with the dust and sand blowing into your helmet and into your mouth and eyes.

We stop at the Anasazi Cafe for a mid-morning break. This cafe serves the best fry bread that I've ever tasted. Several of us made a meal out of just the fry bread and honey. Two… Continue

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NM/AZ/NV/UT/CO Ride - Ninth (last) day (23-May-2010)

We left Delta behind and headed to the north rim of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. The road brought us out of the desert and into the high country once again, where cooler temperatures reigned.

The view to the south of the San Juan range was a great sight to see...

It was good to be back in the Colorado high country.

We stopped for a mid-morning break in Gunnison at a nice trendy coffee… Continue

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NM/AZ/NV/UT/CO Ride - Seventh day (21-May-2010)

We leave Las Vegas, some a bit richer, some a bit poorer, but in both cases only about 20 bucks. So, we all felt that we pretty much controlled ourselves. We head out towards St. George, UT -- a pretty boring drive. And then over to the Grand Canyon North Rim. As you close in on the rim, the forest appears and the desert heat dissipates. The views differ on the north rim...not as crowded and cooler.

This guy got in front of my camera and… Continue

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NM/AZ/NV/UT/CO Ride - Sixth day (20-May-2010)

We left Prescott with gas in our tanks, but not enough. We figured (I as their leader made the stupid decision) we could head out from the hotel without filling up, as there was sure to be a gas station nearby. Hmmm. Bad move.

The road leaving Prescott was fantastic, curves, hills and twists following the terrain. Well, we didn't run out of gas, but we did slow it down to conserve fuel until we reached Bagdad. Luckily Bagdad is still an active mining town and there was plenty of… Continue

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NM/AZ/NV/UT/CO Ride - Fifth day (19-May-2010)

The Grand Canyon, South Rim was our first stop for the day. The canyon hasn't changed since I was a kid and hiked down to the bottom with my good friend Carl. However, the construction was going full blast to make way for more buses full of tourists. Dean and Greg getting out of the way as they unload.

Steve and Greg take a break from the 1/4 mile hike...

The views were,… Continue

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NM/AZ/NV/UT/CO Ride - Fourth day (18-May-2010)

So, we stayed in Show Low, AZ last night. No one really liked the hotel, especially the two ladies traveling in our group. The guys didn't really care, but that is the difference between the fairer sex and those of us not-so-fair...

However, we had two things that happened to us while staying at this flee-bag motel, 1) Steve got a nice long kiss on the cheek as we fumbled to get our cameras turned on and focused, and 2) we spoke to a local who recommended a ride down the Salt River… Continue

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NM/AZ/NV/UT/CO Ride - Second day (16-May-2010)

Day 2: We started our day in Chama with breakfast. I had a peach turnover. It wasn't technically a pie, but it was homemade and was one of the best of the trip. We are heading for Aztec, NM but first a stop by the road on the way to the Navajo Dam (at Navajo Lake)... Twisty roads are what we live for. Well, besides homemade pie...

In Aztec, NM we find the Aztec Ruins National Monument. A splendid exhibit of early American architecture.… Continue

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NM/AZ/NV/UT/CO Ride - Third day (17-May-2010)

Starting out from Grants, we stopped at the El Mapais National Monument visitors center. We didn't spend time looking around the monument area, but learned that the NM was formed to protect the volcanic rock formations in the area.

Our next stop was the El Morro National Monument. Early European travelers (first the Spanish)visited this site due to the availability of fresh water collecting at the base of the rock. The travelers carved their names in the rocks... The next three photos… Continue

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NM/AZ/NV/UT/CO Ride - First day (15-May-2010)

This is a summary of our Spring Ride 2010. I'll post a day at a time...

Day 1: Steve, Ross, Dean, Theresa and Greg started out from Colorado Springs and fully expected to see rain and snow (Craig and Susie were to join us in Antonito, CO later in the day). Luckily we saw neither and road out of the bad weather. We made a point to visit national monuments, national parks, fantastic roads, and of course pie. Homemade pie. We found some good pie and some not so good pie. We found… Continue

Added by Ross Thacker on May 25, 2010 at 8:00pm — 2 Comments

First update on the NM-AZ ride

This is the first real update to our NM/AZ ride, this is our 5th day and we're in Prescott AZ for the night after visiting the Grand Canyon. A stopper in Jerome and some twist roads topped of the day. More blogging later with pictures. And...more pie!

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Spring, ready to ride

It's been a long winter in Colorado Springs. Finally, we are seeing signs of spring. Many of my fruit trees are beginning to bloom, grass is growing, leaves are emerging, and...the bike got a bath and a polish today. One more week and off on our spring ride through CO to NM, AZ, NV, UT. We have reservations for three of eight nights and the other nights we will "wing it"...

I'll be adding to the blog from time to time on our trip, with some photos if I can figure out how to attach a… Continue

Added by Ross Thacker on May 9, 2010 at 11:16am — 2 Comments

Ross' Ramblings - October 2009

Got my heated gear back from Gerbing's the other day. They lived up to the warranty claims and cheerfully replaced my jacket liner with a brand new one, since they couldn't fix the old one. The Gerbing's customer rep offered to upgrade me to a lighter set, and they would knock $50 off the price (off of $199). I opted for a replacement, and since they had a bunch of old stock around they sent me a like set. I used the jacket the other day going to work and it works great. Now for some nice days… Continue

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Ross' Ramblings

Ah, the end of summer, the beginning of intermittent riding season in Colorado. Intermittent because we watch the skies for snow anytime in the high country and rain and cool weather on the prairie. As winter gets closer, we are pretty much shut out of the mountains, although on some sunny days we can ride just over the ridge to Deckers or up for a quick ride to Cripple Creek. One must remember to head home in time or face the consequences. In any case, a set of heated gear is a must for… Continue

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Interesting Travel Signs

Have you ever noticed the signs along the road? How about the signs in restrooms? Well, I do. I find they can be interesting, informative, and entertaining. Lady Bird didn't do us any favors by taking road signs down, especially when driving across Nebraska or Kansas...

Here's one I saw in Yellowstone National Park last year...

Now, why would the highway department go to all the trouble to put up an expensive sign for a single truck?!?!? Especially when,… Continue

Added by Ross Thacker on September 8, 2008 at 8:42pm — 5 Comments


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