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Good morning Hammer brethren....quick question if anyone is interested in responding.  What upgrades have you done to your Hammer that you are happiest about?

So far my favorite has been putting the S bars on my standard Hammer...I didn't mind the V bars but have REALLY enjoyed the new arm/hand position of the S bars...I'd say it's my best choice change so far...

So - how about you guys?  Any input?

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hi there my nane is mark pellegrino,  the best upgrade I have I had 21 inch / 3 .5  twin dics Anvil front wheel made . So the wheel look like a stock item but it has change the way the bike looks and handles . it is so much better than before .  I have all the Aalen Ness bling part as well but the front wheel is the best thing I have done to my bike I think.            

Im on a 2011 8-ball.

I have chrome 2 into 1 exhaust, touring seat and LED Front fork indicators and LED Rear guard indicator.

The LED indicators give the bike a great clean look. Touring seat is great for me riding however my fiancé isnt to keen on the pillion, even though she chose it in the showroom. Exhaust is nice however the chrome seems to mark really easily and are a bit too quiet. Over all though, im REALLY happy with how it looks and rides.

Top of the list Power Commander 5 with auto tune, touring seat, Led indicators, Bassani Pro street turn outs (bit loud and scrapes) cool look and great idle sounds like a big block.

Hey John,

I'm thinking of a fuel controller. You recommend the Power Commander 5? I dont know much about them but I like that said its auto tuned? Im all about keeping it simple lol

Is the ride noticeably smoother? Any uptake in power?



Hey Scuba, haven't seen ya for awhile. Mate the ride is smoother I dunno about power but it revs quicker cleaner (hits limiter faster), auto tune is seperate module gives 20% + or -, works good.

Hey Mike

Have you still got your Hammer? I picked mine up last week with V bar. Have you got a picture you can post of the S bar? I dont even know what they are.....




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