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Hi all, has anyone out there had a Cross bike LED taillight partially fail, and found someone to cut it open and repair it? My HardBall light has failed for the top three quarters of the LEDs, after a walking pace trail ride drop, with the occasional full recovery that lasts for a kilometre or so. I'm compensating for the moment by mounting the Cross Country tour trunk I have, but don't want to keep it on forever.

Also, is anyone running a sumpguard or skidplate?  If so, locally made, Withchdoctors, HMD, or police model?  I would like to avoid international freight on 8 kilos of steel plate if possible.  

Oppie, have you thought of making these?

Last thing, anyone tried the plastic front tank mount lift?  Any change to performance?

Hope everyone out there is still riding and enjoying them.

Cheers, Steve.

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