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Have an 07 Hammer S, been thinking about adding a HID headlight, but can't see spending the 400 plus to convert. Wondering if anyone has changed the stock POS that have seen improvements? Any thoughts would be appreciated!!

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I replaced the stock bulbs in my 08 Vegas with a Sylvania Silverstar Ultra and a Silverstar, they only make the Silverstar Ultra for one of the bulbs, hence the other one being just the Silverstar, they need a H7 and a H11. The difference is very noticeable. I've got them in my Subaru, too, big difference also. Hope this helps. Oh, and I almost forgot, I got the bulbs on eBay, MUCH cheaper than Auto Zone!
gonna +1 this as far as the bulbs...I, too, used a Sylvania and went with "white" and this seemed to be a TON brighter than the OEM...
I had one installed on my 05 TC. It makes a hell of a difference. I have people getting out of my way in the daytime!. The beam is wider and goes further down the road.



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