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Do not know if you read the latest Cruiser, but they had a comparison of the Road King, Vulcan and the Vision Street. Why the compared it too the other two is beyond me. The also included the Rocket III and the Royal Star. Looks like the Vision finished last???? They did not like the price, the saddle bags (too small), low speed handling, gas mileage. The winner was the Vulcan. They praised the 13k price tag and gas milage. Interesting, I like the rag, but they have always favored Kawasaki for some reason.

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What a strange grouping of bikes to compare.

I just came off of a 06 nomad and i have to say it is one hell of bike. I would have kept it but the my victory dealer gave me such a good price on my ride i had to take it for trade on my new vision.. I think the nomad and the vision are both great bikes but each of them have the good and bad points like any bike comparsion IMO. Above is the Nomad i just traded in for my Vision..



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