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Why the Victory Kool-Aid Tastes So Good

"Drinking the Kool-Aid" has always been perceived as a mindless consumption of some doctrine be it religion, political, or consumer based. The euphemistic Kool-Aid I'm drinking here is far more satisfying. It's the potion that Victory serves up in new flavors twice a year.

Of course I'm talking about Victory Motorcycles' unveiling of new models on an almost predictable 6-month timetable. The company has in recent years thumbed its nose at the economic rules of a down economy and bulled its way to the #2 spot in the industry, right behind Harley-Davidson who has had a much tougher time of it. Victory's bi-annual  releases are like having your birthday twice each year which is both good and bad. The good side being you get to see the new "toy" and dream how it might fit in your garage. The bad side, you get to see the new "toy" and realize it won't fit in your garage (or budget). 

I never felt that way about my Honda (which was a great, dependable ride for 14 yrs). Or my Chevy.  What is it about Victory that turns me into a zombie when the new models are announced?

The Kool-Aid is especially tasty for those who already own a Victory. We unknowingly start to rearrange the free space in our garages every 6 months. We hit the online forums expectantly for clues (to what we never know).  And any passing bike gets the quick visual once-over to determine if it's a Victory. Ladies, your husband's not ill or hiding a mistress. His glazed eyes, sweaty palms and restless manner come from the lack of Victory potion. Another six-month dose is in order!

With customer satisfaction running so high & deep, new models are just about guaranteed to be reliable, maintenance free, head-turning bikes. If a new model doesn't fit your style, you know there's a new one coming soon. Harley may have its mystique but Victory has an intoxicating philosophy , much like Apple, in which they introduce new models that you didn't know you needed. They've been able to anticipate trends and answer it with new designs and technology. Maybe there's something in the water is Wyoming, MN where the Victory designers & engineers dream up their next project. Maybe they're just as addicted as us to the tasty Victory Kool-Aid!

There's just a few more months to wait!  I wonder what I can't live without next?

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Comment by Keith Buxton on April 13, 2012 at 2:51pm

Ha ha that was a great read, very funny and clever, not quite that addicted but know what you are talking about it is a great Kool-Aid and a great brand set to become number one I recon as long as they stay reliable and the bike is as it has been totally ready to ride when you buy and not requiring you to spend another $5000 or more to make it go well and look great


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