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Well, now I worked out my notifications were going to spam...... I want to fit a screen to my 2013 Judge, ready for an 8-day Tassie trip. Not sure which way to go. Has anyone fitted a screen and if so which one? Were you happy with it?

Would appreciate anyone's experiences on this. It's a lot of money to get it wrong!

Thanks all.

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Comment by Ashley Druce on November 21, 2015 at 3:14pm

Judge riders dont need screens,there for girls....

Just kidding mate ,hammer fly good low drag ,low fuel consuption and a little protection..

Comment by Steve Hillman on July 23, 2014 at 3:52am
Hey Robert,

Thanks again. All that info is fantastic and just what I needed. You have convinced me which way to go.

I too had the bars changed before I picked the bike up. Different bars brought the reach back around 50 mm and suits my short arms. I am 5' 9". I went for the Judge as I found the riding position the most comfortable, especially with the mid mount foot controls.

Other items I had added to the bike before I took delivery:
- dipstick thermometer. Mine runs at about 200 to 210 deg F (100C) which I am told is normal for this capacity air coiled twin.
- highway bar
- speedo display upgrade
- lock and ride saddle bags
- touring seat (nice and comfy)
- lock and ride sissy bar with back rest
- comfort grips
- throttle boss (poor mans cruise control for my sore old wrist)
-during negotiations I even got one of those awesome Victory jackets with the zip-in hoodie thrown in.

Since then I have installed my own 12v weatherproof outlet up front and a weatherproof mount for the GPS plus a mudflap on the front fender. The oil cooler was getting crudded up with dirt on my local roads (Dandenongs).

Still need the screen and yeah, maybe the heated handgrips and I will be an even happier man.

Once again Robert, I thank you for your valuable help. I will plan a road trip from say, FT Gully through Monbulk, Lilydale, Healesville, Yarra Glen, Diamond Creek, across to The Bridge Inn Hotel in Mernda (my youngest son is GM there and running the place) for lunch and then return. When I can organise this I will post and anyone will be welcome to join in. Would need to get numbers to book space for lunch.

Look forward to catching up on a ride somewhere, sometime soon.

Steve H
Comment by robert mcmanus on July 23, 2014 at 3:22am

Giday Steve ,  I'm 5'8'' or 173cm tall .  I'm all for comfort  too .  you set up a screen so the top is between your top lip and tip of nose , you don't look thru it .  there is no wind noise off the screen at low or high speed .  if there is a strong cross wind  , you can get a little buffeting  , but your going to get that anyway or more without a screen . I got the low fly screen as it suits my height and if you look at the forks it can still be adjusted up or down . I don't regret getting it for one minute .  I noticed you have  lower protector bars , if you put wind socks over them it'll stop the cold weather on your lowers .  one other thing I did to mine was changing the handlebar risers . I used the crossroads risers to keep the factory look , it brings the bars back one and a half inch's for a more relaxed arm extension .     Are you going to Tassie  soon ,  bbbrrrrrrr .

regards Robert .


Comment by Steve Hillman on July 23, 2014 at 2:12am
Hi Robert,

That's awesome thanks for your advice. I was trying to choose between the low or mid fly or the taller screen. I want to be able to look over the top but don't want the wind buffeting at certain speeds that I have had with screens on other bikes in the past. Seems to be that different screens act differently at different speeds on different bikes.

Given the boardwalk is similar to the judge, can I please ask you how you reckon it performs at different speeds, say 60-70 kph or 100-110 kph as far as wind buffeting or noise go?

I am getting older (57) so needing a bit of comfort these days :-(

Thanks mate much appreciated your earlier reply.

Regards, Steve H
Comment by robert mcmanus on July 23, 2014 at 2:06am

the screen is quick release

Comment by robert mcmanus on July 23, 2014 at 1:59am

Hello Steve , I've fitted this to my boardwalk . check it in this link , its the same front end . also why don't you add the heated grips as well , its worth it . . its in my posts / or photo's . just ring Darryl Storrie or Tanya at Melbourne victory to fix you up .


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