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As Victory's new models are beginning to arrive at dealerships, the desire to join the the fray is reaching fever pitch, at least personally. But first, let me put things in perspective.

I've been slowly growing in my attraction to the Vision's futuristic shape. The lines, especially without it tourpack, communicate forward motion, elegance, and the future. I have subconsciously been selling myself on the Ness Vision, black with all its bling, adding a 'badboy' persona. Then this year Victory announced the Vision 8ball. OMG, what a good looking machine! It reminds me of a Ninja — the bike and the stealthy warrior. So now I had to decide on which Vision to dream about. The Vision's features—large fairing, heated grips/seat, best seat in the industry, fantastic handling & balance—still outweigh its drawbacks: hot legs, so-so radio. For me, I take a 8ball and have to add power windshield and some other accessories.

Then came the Cross bikes. All decisions flew out the window. With prices comparable to the Vision 8ball, I am forced to consider them. One thought: I love the sleek, low, wide feel of the Cross Road (sans windshield). It's the Road King look I've always admired, but with better engineering, reliable motor, and not the me-too consensus. And those cavernous hardbags! Only Victory could design such a large container and have it look custom and not an "add-on" like the smaller HD bag. The Cross Country also grabbed my attention with its fairing, great sounding radio, and just-right windshield height. True to Victory, they push the design envelope with the wild engine bars. I love it!

So now I am back to square-one. I love my '03 Classic Cruiser but know that at some point I'll be riding a new bike. Which will it be? The Vision? Cross Country? Cross Road? I hope to ride them all in the months to come and will report back.

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