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8/3/2009 Slow in the making. Logistics are always what you want it to be, especially in the world of fabrication. The leatherman is a one man show and has been swamp over the summer months so far. That is great for him. Had a slight delay as the bag must fit the curve, so I ordered a dash so I wouldn't need to leave my bike. After getting the top dash piece I had to make sure it would be the same as mounted since it is very flexible. He know has that model to work from. He's coming off vacation and a heavy backlog, so he'll devote more time now to the VDO. Thanks for all your patience, I'll say I've waited the longest as this has been in my mind since I got the bike. Hopefully there will be a usable product by the end of next week if not sooner.
5/1/2009 For those who are following the making of the Vision Dash Organizor it is still moving forward. Slower than expected but the timing was way off. This would have definetly been a better winter project as my leather man is getting swamped with urgent repairs for tack, holsters, etc, so the fabricate from the ground up items with little or no urgency slides back. I spoke with him Thursday and he said that he'd be working Saturday and that might give him an opportunity to start putting it together. I know I'll be pleased with the results and I also think this will be a great accessory for the Vision. I'm hoping before the end of May this will be in production, and maybe even before my Iron Butt run on the 16th. We'll see.

Update on VDO - I've got pix of the proto type in the gallery. Need to make a few more modifications to it so it'll be another week. or so before we get done to a final design. I accounted for thickness, but the design made it a little thicker than anticipated but it is better than I intially planned so we'll go that route.

I just sent an email provided by those are interested in the Vision Dash Organizer that I'm having made. If you did not recieve an email and you expressed before, or are currently interested, please PM me and give me your email address. I need to have a smart list, so please indicate your definetly in, or are only curious. I'm trying to keep the cost at or below $200.00 plus shipping. Also, this item will appear to be one piece but it will be compartmentized as described upon. Zippers open is the driving factor and I actually like it better as I'm going to get a embordered eagle or something like that sewn on mine. I need to find out about the cost of that, and it will have to be sewn on before he starts putting it together. That will be more cost.

If this is the first time you reading about the Vision Dash Organizers, I have photos in my album, and there is information posted on both and under Dash Organizer in the Vision forum and General forum respectively.

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