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Got my heated gear back from Gerbing's the other day. They lived up to the warranty claims and cheerfully replaced my jacket liner with a brand new one, since they couldn't fix the old one. The Gerbing's customer rep offered to upgrade me to a lighter set, and they would knock $50 off the price (off of $199). I opted for a replacement, and since they had a bunch of old stock around they sent me a like set. I used the jacket the other day going to work and it works great. Now for some nice days of riding!

Speaking of nice days...This weekend is snowy and icy. I believe the low this morning was around 17 at the house. I learned the hard way (again) that I forgot to drain my sprinkler system and the expansion valve broke, just like it is supposed to to protect the pipes. Oh well, $40 to replace it next spring...

Since my last rambling I've put on 1,500 or so miles on my TC and I'm over 92,500 now. I hope to get some riding in this winter if the weather cooperates, but given the pattern so far, it just might be a cold winter. We'll see...

We had a nice fall. The mountain leaves turned on queue and the cold hit town before all the leaves could turn. We took some nice rides into the mountains to see the annual ritual, kind of a farewell, as its pretty much too chilly to ride the hills in the winter. Most winter riding is on lonely prairie roads...

I'm anxious to hear how people like the new XR/XC bike. I hope many are able to purchase one as they become available. It will be good to see them on the road...

Until next time, ride safely.

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Comment by Ross Thacker on October 11, 2009 at 12:06pm
Pictures are worth a thousand words... Here are some... In these photos, were about a week or two away from peak Rocky Mountain colors...

Comment by Jeff Martini on October 11, 2009 at 8:21am
Thanks for the Rocky Mountain update Ross. I'd love to see some pics of your fall. Someday, I hope to experience it firsthand.


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