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I have been using premium gas in my Cross Country. Has anyone switched to regular, like on a road trip to see if it will run ok on the highway? My bike has a Power comander & stage 2 pipes.

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Comment by Tony Fredericks on February 19, 2013 at 2:52pm
Richard, Just having done the Tassie Tiger Tour on our Vision Tour about 2800klms, 2 up, luggage, stage 2 Level 2 Mufflers, and not to mention some pretty hard riding! So on a couple of occasions in remote areas we couldn't get any Premium fuel which is all I run in the Vision as recommended only regular crap fuel available interestingly under mid to hard throttle at mid revs up it was "pinging" "knocking" enough for me to throttle down and a bloody nuisance, as you perhaps realize pinging's not good for the engine by any means, to add to the trouble in some places they only had premium 95? it took 2 tank fills of Premium 98 to flush out the lower grade fuel and its back to normal "no pinging" normal performance, needless to say ill continue to run Premium 98 but realize that if caught out in remote areas again and can only get regular crap just ride the bike easily till I can get the better octane fuel back into to it, hope this helps


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