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On most sunday,s if i dont have a run on i usually grab the sunday times make a thermos of coffee and head out to mundaring weir.since i live in kalamunda this is in my like most other sundays was filled with lycra-clad roadkill and sportbike riders enjoying the road as i do.
today brought a smile as a car pulls up to enjoy the veiw fthrom the top of the weir carpark it went as follows
"hello "
"morning,nice bike "
"thank you"
"had it long"
"a few months"
"looks comfortable"
"its not a harley,thats why we came over and talked to you"
then said goodbye and took off

a victory rider

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Comment by Lindsay Rudd on December 23, 2013 at 9:11am

Harley Riders ( I still own a softail  ) always look grumpy and mean cos there bikes are not comfortable,they also know that while everyone else is of riding and having in comfort with,shitloads of grunt and handling they can have none of these things They have an Image to full fill ahahahahahahaha.

In the hills up around bright my 15th Anniversary Cross Country with 120 plus ponies at the rear and shod in Avon Venoms, Well the HD's no contest sucked them off there bikes, the sports bikes those that could ride showed why they enjoy that style and good on them the others had very red faces when my ( Cadillac we call it ) swept up the inside of them in tight 35kph hairpins and last but only so with full honor my brother on his black Judge he was so hard at it frame was ground not just foot pegs he rode the wheels of it, a great day was had by all """""" Well Victory Riders anyways""""""


Comment by Keith James on August 11, 2013 at 6:44am

Short and to the point must have been a Doctor, definitely not a politician he would talked you head off, perhaps he was a harley owning Doctor :-)


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