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It's no secret I like Visions. Having started I hoped that someday I would be able to keep one in my garage. My '03 Cruiser is crying for company. Whenever I've gone on a demo ride, it seemed I never really had much time to "get to know" the bike before I had to turn it back in. Until now.

This past weekend my buddy Pete offered his 2008 Vision to me and we both took off for a ride around Massachusetts' Quabin reservoir. He took his other Victory, a beautiful Victory Hammer. His only words of warning were, "Don't baby it! It'll start to expect it!" As if to enforce his words, at his first chance he put the hammer down (pun intended) and sped off reaching triple digit speeds. Not knowing our route, I was obliged to keep up. The comfort and smoothness of the Vision bely it's power. When I finally "felt" like I was approaching 80mph, a glance at the speedo showed that I had long ago past that speed and was cruising comfortably at 105! Not wanting to become a statistic (and on someone else's bike) I settled back down to 75 mph and was impressed at the cocoon of quiet I had even with the blade windshield on the bike.

We shuttled through all kinds of traffic from open highway to clogged city streets and twisty country roads. The Vision (and I) handled them with almost such ease as to be almost subconscious. This bike was a drastic departure from my '03 Victory but yet I felt completely in tune with it within minutes. 300 miles on a test drive gives you time to try all the bells & whistles and see how long it takes to get "into " the bike. The seat is AMAZING. It is so comfortable I was able to enjoy the entire day without feeling fatigue until the last 10 miles or so.

In previous test drives (and reviews) I had commented on the heat cooking my legs. I did not experience it in this day-long trip. Pete doesn't have the optional lower louvers but everything felt fine and I was just a minimal leg movement away from redirecting air to cool my self down.

Thanks to Pete, I'll have to redouble my plans to get a Vision. If you ever have the chance to stop by a Victory dealer (or have a generous friend like Pete), do yourself a favor and try a Vision. You'll find yourself rearranging you garage space.

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Comment by johnny vision on January 25, 2011 at 4:33pm


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