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Right you Lot, when was the last time you checked your Insurance policy's? your Excess, Pay out figures & are your ACCESSORIES ADDED Y/N, Agreed value Changes dropping ?, etc etc etc.

We should all do this at least annually and be satisfied we are getting what we want/need out of our policy's, most of us don't and find out till the time of an accident/theft/act of God that we are totally underinsured and find it difficult to get back in the saddle for lack of contributing $.

Its all to easy to just forget and ride on until- 'unfortunately' Bike's are inherently more prone to damage/theft and in most cases written off easily, all the more reason to be sure on your policy's and what you will get if ''God forbid it'' something go's down, wouldn't you prefer to be able to replace your bike & Accessories with a new one at todays prices if written off? not an insurance companies estimate on what you ride is worth at that time? it can be pretty brutal, you may be surprised how minimal it actually is Dollar wise to increase your policy accordingly for maximum coverage including you shinny bits but you have to instigate it!

Most of you would be aware that certain local insurance provider/s have been less than helpfull with some of our unfortunate Brothers/sisters Claims recently, there are dodgy operators out there and i advise while you are revising you Policy's that you put what ever questions you have with the provider to them & what you are actual covered for, their claims process, expectations, assessor processes, are they a franchisee & who underwrite's them? and check that its clearly written in their policy documents so no Bull shit can happen at that unfortunate time, don't be afraid to use the thing called GOOGLE and check out any information, forums, and general banter that may pop up with FILTH ON DODGY Insurance companies/underwriters and lets not forget the GOOD NEWS ON THEM TOO! making your decisions a bit more informed.

Ask around and see how other freinds have managed with their policy's, get feed back,weed out the Dodgy providers, then let everyone know who is good and who is bad- whatever stores you may learn by this free enquiering 


 I have written a previous blog within my page re these issues

Bike Insurance, Is your Victory adequately Covered?

Its A Ramble like this but hopefully helpful to those looking to insure and those just reviewing existing policy's.

Any One Got A Good Insurance story? Put up a reply.

Any One got a Bad Insurance Story? Put it up a reply.

I myself have 2 policy's with Swann Insurance Aust PTY LTD I have been very Happy with the Service, Costs & Support from Them so far

Safe Riding all


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Comment by brian ross on July 12, 2014 at 9:00pm

QBE for me, they paid out the pin and sent me a letter 8 months later saying they underpaid me and sent me a cheque. Can't beat that for service.

Comment by johnno on July 9, 2014 at 8:23pm

shannons to long a story but a pack of ffffffffffffffffffffffnnnnnnnnnnnnn wankers crooks dogs ill stop there

Comment by Colin Snowden on July 9, 2014 at 1:48pm

I'm with Swann, paid a little extrafor the cover because of the bling on the Batbike but was worth every cent when I went down.

Only had to contact them the once to lodge the claim,they took over and it was hassle free from there on in, bike is being repaired and they have already paid out some of the repairers.

Excellent cover and excellent service, hassle free...

Bike is covered for exra 10K of bling, custom paint and agreed value.


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