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I don't mean to downgrade the Harley's. Victory would love to have their market success. It's just that I feel the day has passed for many oldtime HD riders and especially their passengers. Give the girls tushies a break as they break down in their old age. They earned a soft ride. Here's what I mean. This just happened today.

I was riding back home from a bike night in Phoenix and I stopped at a Harley dealership to take off my rain gear and get a soda. A couple veteran HD riders and their ladies were nearby showing a mechanic some problem. When I came out, the Ladies were hovering over my Vision. These ladies were either in their 50's and had an easy life OR they were in their 30's and had a rough life. They were quite hard looking. They were looking over the Vision in the same way a tribe of bush people would study a Zippo lighter. What they really were interested in was the passenger seat and the long stretch between the passenger and the windshield. I told them about the heated seats, power windshield, and Ipod set up and I knew they were in love with the bike. They were very nice and asked lots of questions. They said it looked like a spaceship. One even took out a camera and took a picture. They asked and I declined to pose with my bike. I said my goodbyes and they watched with a sort of a "Who was that masked man?" look on their faces as I rode off into the sunset.

I suspect these women had thousands of hard hours on the back of their mens HD's and now in their later life they crave comfort. I felt kinda bad that their men were in for an earful of nagging about the lack of comfort on the rear of the HD's. But then again maybe I didn't feel bad at all. Afterall, they are part of the great American Harley Davidson family and I am just a guy on a spaceship.

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Comment by Necktie on August 1, 2009 at 5:57pm
You are correct, Steve. This was not a Harley bashing story, just a humoreous moment about how people change as they age. I think if an Ultra Glide pulled they would have had the same response as to the comfy seat.

Stay Safe

Comment by steve rigdon on August 1, 2009 at 5:17pm
well captain kirk , don't be too hard on yourself, theres a lot of different sleds out there, not all are good at all areas , it would be nice to have a different bike for each occasion , but most of us don't have the $ , you have to understand the Harley crowd is unique in there own way, good down to earth people, like you if touring was of primary concern, then a vision or goldwing would be high on my wish list, on the other hand if a little more canyon running combined with say a 1000 miles at most in a day then perhaps a vegas, honda st-1300 , fjr 1300 or a HD Dyna woul be in order, I personally have rode most all the different bikes out there, the only bike i don't like is one that won't start.

ride safe & keep the chrome up



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