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Got To Get There - VA to CA - Day One

Okay, I'm pulling back on the 60 hours for a few reasons. Most folks think I'm crazy to start with, but I didn't want to stress the bike out and needing to be there for work first thing Monday morning. So I'm leaving today, giving me a good four days of travel. I've got the new tire on and have changed my oil. I've looked the bike over and everything looks well, and it is running at the top of its game.

I think that I'll ride I-70 across to Castle Rock, CO and meet up with the V2V folks there Friday night. Then, it is off to the south to finish up on I-40. That'll give me a couple 800 mile days and a couple 500 mile days getting there. I'll push it when I return. I'll try to keep this updated over the trip to share some thoughts. Cheers.

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Comment by VaRyder on June 26, 2010 at 7:49am
Day one was a good day, I tried not to make myself feel rushed and everything seem surreal with the daunting ride ahead. One of the last minute items I packed was my EXO-100 helmet. This was the helmet I had my commo attached to, but since the CB antenna broke I took that off. It didn't have all the sticker on it like my cool biker helmet, but it seemed to fit better. However, I started the ride with the cool biker helmet and within the first stop I had to take that off. My head was so uncomfortable and that is all I could think about. After putting on the EXO I never gave my helmet a second thought, all has been perfect. The other item I'm glad I brought was the CamelBak hydration system. At first I trired to wear on my back but because I had the Saddleman 4100 tour bag it was a bit uncomfortable, I put in on top of the bag instead and strapped it down. It was like it was made for it. As long as I kept hydrated I felt perfectly fine, in spite of the heat. I ran into some rain through the West Virginia Turnpike around Mahan. So I got me a bath, bike and clothes washed and dried all for $4.00. The rain was rather heavy at times so it was rather fun going around those curves, with interstate traffic all around and the goggles all fogged up. I made it to Grayville, Illinois and stopped for the night at the inn there off the interstate. They are biker friendly and allowed me to park my bike under the huge canopy at the entrance. I didn't have the dew on it in the morning, which was good and felt better that no one would monkdy with it. Rode 730 miles the first day.


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