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The Victory Dealership in Idaho Falls Idaho Friggin DOOMED my Brothers 06' Vegas Jackpot!! He rode it up there from Salt lake, i followed him in my Cage to bring him home. We dropped his Scoot off to have an upgrade done on the engine. He bought a Lloydz 106 Kit ( Cams , Pistons Rings Gaskets Timing set, & Torque Tube intake system. ) They were recomended as the shop to do the work. A month Later they called and said it was ready , so i haul him back up there he pays the bill $1000.00 Labor. Rides it back to Salt Lake Changes the break in oil at 500 miles,puts 1800 miles total on the engine and it developes a knock, he parked it and had me check out the noise , i informed him it sounded like a rod hammering. So i loaded it up on my flatdeck & hauled it back up there. Mike the service manager PROMISED WE WILL MAKE IT RIGHT ---- Yea right !! 2 weeks later Mike the so called service manager called him up and told him " Well we got it apart and its gonna be a minimum of $400.00 if we reuse your jugs ... WTF He promised WE WILL MAKE IT RIGHT ---- Then he says minimum $400 more ????? well Brother DOOM made arrangements in advavce get ALL MY SH*T together i'm coming up on Tuesday to pick it up and did you get the tire mounted that i bought from you when i dropped off my bike the second time and the fork seals?? Yes That work has been done --- Ok thank you. 

 We show up there at 09:00 on Tuesday morning NOTHING OF THE EXTRA WORK (TIRE MOUNT , FORK SEALS HAS BEEN DONE) THEY CHARGED HIM BUT NO F**KIN WORK WAS DONE!!! The bike was scattered between 4 work stations in their shop, the Jugs ,Heads Crank, & Cams timing wasent even at their shop -- Mike had to go over and find all that SH*T !! We had to leave before getting that stuff, but it has been rounded up and set aside for him we will be returning next week to get that stuff. And pay $150 extortion fee in order to get the stuff back. We have since found and purchased/ installed a low milage 07' 100 CU from a crashed bike . BOTTOM LINE THE VICTORY DEALERSHIP IN IDAHO FALLS HAS SH*T MECHANICS !! AND THEY ARE VERY UN PROFESSIONAL !!!! I SINCERELY HOPE SOMEONE FROM THAT DEALERSHIP READS MY POST HERE !!!! This is my opinion of them if they don't like what i have said TUFF FU***NG SH*T !!! I'LL T.C.O.B. on their AZZ !!!!

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Comment by Jeff Martini on March 10, 2014 at 8:26pm

Big D, you might pass this on to Lloydz. He stands behind his products but also doesn't want to do business with substandard techs. Not saying he'll be able to make things right but at least he'll be aware of bad retailers.

Comment by Dirty D ( Don Quinton ) on February 28, 2014 at 9:25pm

As soon as i can figure out how to put some disturbing pictures of a once beautiful bike on here i will , it looks great again after all this...

Comment by Dirty D ( Don Quinton ) on February 28, 2014 at 9:24pm

I forgot to put in that post that NONE of the extra work had been done. 


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