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There's been some question as to how to add photos like the one on the right to a blog so I'll outline the steps involved.

First off, upload any photos you will be using in your blog using the upload utility on the Photos page.

Once they're uploaded go ahead and view one of them by clicking on the thumbnail (small) version of it. You'll see that once you view the large version, you can still click on the photo. Do this and you'll get the photo at full size. It should be the only thing on the screen. If not, click on it again or until it is shown all by itself.

Now copy the URL address of that photo from the address bar of your browser (top of the browser). It'll look something like this:

When you are writing a new blog, click the small photo icon in the toolbar. (BTW, You can add photos to past blog posts by clicking the edit link next to that blog) In the pop-up window, paste the photo URL you copied. Now, most likely, the fullsize photo will be too big to fit in the blog window. By adding "?width=300" to the end of the photo's url, it will resize the photo on the blog page to whatever you specify (in this case 300pixels wide, the same width as the photo above). So, the URL now looks like this:

You can specify both width and height, but if you just specify width, the computer will figure out the correct height. I strongly recommend specifying a width this way.

Doing all the above will put the photo in your blog at the bottom of the page which is fine. If, however, you want to have the photo up in the article and surrounded by text, that's a different step...

To embed the photo in the text area of a blog, type this html code right in there with the text you are typing:
<img src='' align='right' style="padding:5px;">

The top of the photo should appear to the right of the line of text you put it next to just like the photo at the top of this page.
You can also use this format to embed photos from another website if you wish.


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Comment by Joe Di Rocco on October 12, 2008 at 12:14pm
Nice article.


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