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Time flies by fast, it seemed just like yesterday when I was in Daytona for the start of the season. I guess as you get older and your minds ability to log data decreases it's resolution & you get the perception that time is moving much faster then it actually is. Also working 6-7 days a weeks and sometimes pulling 40+ straight days of work doesn't help either. This blog was the start of a quick over view of what I've seen over the past Six month of 08 but like I said the brains ability to store high resolution graphics for me anyway has diminished so I'll try the best I can with what I can remember.

08 started out slow back at the shop, the first few weeks were almost depressing as everyone regained from the holidays. Then the third week brought in the first wave of bikes, 3 months later then normal. We usually receive the inflow of out of state bikes starting in October and continuing into February to get everyone wrapped up and out by spring. This was not the case this past year. We receive bikes in from out of state customer for major motor upgrades and customization and have been doing so for 10 years, this is the bulk of our winter workload.
Once they started coming in they kept doing so all the way into May and some even in June. Wow it was a late start for some reason, was it the economy, longer then average extended riding for most of us or just a blip in the normal schedule?

In the spring I suffered a stupid moment by not installing the plate on my secondary drum of the dyno to find that this is not a ride you would want to pay for, it left me canceling trips, 4 major ones to be exact and still hurting from the throw, As I fight with the insurance company's I only hope I can get the surgery taken care of this winter so I can be fresh for spring. That took the learning curve away on about 100-120 bikes. That means that I missed tuning approx. that many bikes and of course every bike is a learning experience even if I've done 40 of that same combination. What’s also a learning experience are the people. I meet allot of great people, Yhea some I wish I never meet but for the most part the people I meet are good peeps and have allot of interesting story’s weather about there life or career or sometimes we even talk about there bike's. I've also seen from some of the meets that I can pretty much call someone an A-Hole to there face and they just laugh about it, unlike typing there an a-hole and getting everyone pumped up to fight. I now find that a funny thing to do and even test the waters with some of you on a personal basis. My briefing on that, smoke more weed and chill the hell out when on the keyboard.

Moving on I find that Vision is a very exciting, fun and exuberating bike that has the tuning consistency of mashed potatoes. All over is the fueling requirement of this bike. I don’t think that 2 of them took the same adjustments. Why is this? Many reasons I’ll have a separate blog on this alone. We are back on the Vision project with some new items we’re working on to help satisfy some of you addicts.

Another item of attention is the amount of leaky intake manifolds I’ve seen on the Freedom motors, I would have never guessed that there would be so many that are leaking. A quick shot with brake or carb cleaner will show this. What this does is cause a backfire or lean miss at cruise. If your experiencing these issues and you’ve checked everything else look at the manifold for a leak. The 4 outter 5mm socket bolts that secure the ears will pull up and leave a gap down the center of the manifold, causing a leak. In appearance it looks as though the manifold which is twice as thick at the base then a Pre-Freedom manifold won’t warp, but that’s not the case. Sanding on a belt sander or flat surface can bring back a manifold to a useable condition.

As seen on the front page of my web site, Allot of you don’t know we rank superior to servicing our out of state customers. We have been set of with Keyboard Carriage for some time now to service our trucking needs. These people are top notch in shipping bikes and offer drop deck pick up and delivery. If you’re planning a big winter build and your dealer isn’t up to par with performance, save time effort and money by shipping it to us. We also offer other upgrades then just motor and have an excellent painter if you need a fresh coat or touch up.

I’m heading out tomorrow for some R&Ding in Texas and then to Montana in 2 weeks for some more R&D. We’ll have some real neat stuff popping out in the next few months
for all your Victory models.

For inquires about sending your bike to us call or e-mail
845-744-4889 or


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Comment by Larry Meservey on October 9, 2008 at 8:28pm
Hey Lloyd,
I understand not coming down to Daytona, Were going to start our 09 planning around the middle of Nov. so I'll give you a call next week so we can talk, I'm Heading home soon and I'll give you a call when I get there. Keep making them fast and rest assurred I will keep them Clean .

Comment by Lloyd on October 9, 2008 at 4:19pm
Hi Larry
Sorry I wont be going to Daytona as it's to far to travel for a 4 day event. Maybe we should start planning for spring though. It sure would be nice to have you, Dan and me all at the same spot. I wonder if corprate would go for that? Hope all is well. Way when you get a chance drop me a line or call me I've got an idea to run past you on a product.
Keep making them shine and we'll keep making them fast!
Comment by Larry Meservey on October 9, 2008 at 8:49am
Hi Lloyd, Speaking of Daytona , are you coming down for biketoberfest? and if so where will you be set up? Let me know so we can get together while your in town. I will be getting back home just in time for the big event. I'm currently in Tulsa still working my way home from the AVR . The demo bikes will actually get to my shop before me this year. Hope to see you there.
"The Polish Guy"
Comment by Jeff Martini on September 23, 2008 at 10:39am
Great Lloyd! I'm looking forward to what you come up with for tuning the Visions, and all closed-loop Victorys for that matter. Don't forget to relax a little though.


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