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Recently I had the opportunity to try several products from Pure Victory Polishes, specifically the Bike Wash Concentrate, Windshield Paint & Chrome Polish, and the Awesome Metal Polish. I've used their Detailing spray for several years now and am very happy with it. Now, having seen the results of the others, I can heartily recommend these products.

Ok, so you probably think I work for Pure Victory Polishes. Wrong. I, like many bike owners, am always in search of a easier/better/shinier polish or cleaner. It’s like it’s a primal instinct to want the shiniest thing around. It’s also therapeutic to polish that thing (ie, my bike) till my eyes hurt to look at it. I think it dates back to my first car, a dull grey ’63 Mercury. It had not seen wax or compounding in years and when I gave it it’s first application, I was hooked like crack cocaine for the eyes. It also had the “first car” cache, the first big purchase of my life and I owed it outright. Anyway, I don’t work for them and if the stuff was crap I’d say so.

The first thing I tried was the Bike Wash Concentrate. The ever-so-small print on the bottle indicated there was wax formulated into the soap and I only needed to use 2capfuls/gallon of water. I’m thinking, “If it’s got soap & wax, won’t it leave a residue when it dries???” Well, it didn’t. The solution had just enough surfactant to lift stubborn dirt and keep it suspended until I rinsed. The directions told me I could let it air dry or use a chamois to ensure a spotless finish, which I did. Remember, this is therapy! Once dry, the bike looked much shinier than I had remembered from my last therapy, err, washing session. The finish was noticeably glass-like and spotless. It also seemed to bead & dry faster.

Next up was the Windshield, Paint & Chrome Polish. I have one word of warning, avoid using this product if you are hungry. It smells so delicious, a combination of bananas and strawberry—or maybe bubblegum—that it’s tempting to try a little taste. No, I didn’t, but the scent is so intense that I suspect it was intentionally formulated that way. Anyway, I selected a section of my bike that looked slightly cloudy—mostly from embedded dirt and hairline scratches to the clearcoat. The pudding-like polish goes on easy and rubs in quickly using their recommended microfiber hand mitt (yes, I got that too). Within seconds of application the polish was rubbed into the finish. I then buffed it with a clean microfiber cloth. The results were impressive. The embedded dirt was gone along with the hairline scratches. Most likely the scratches were still there, but they were no void of dirt and so dramatically reduced their visibility. It also left the finish slippery smooth and highly glossed. It also worked perfectly on my old windshield, removing the built-up cloudiness, and some moderate scratches.

Finally, there was the Awesome Metal Polish. “An odd name,” I thought, until I asked the president of Pure Victory Polishes, Larry Meservey. Evidently during the process of formulating the polish, Larry submitted several different samples to Victory Engineers. One formulation was lauded as “Awesome” by the engineers and the label stuck. I would have to agree. This is the best metal polish I’ve come across, especially for highly machined aluminum finishes such as polished wheels, brake levers, and old v92c gas caps. Speaking on the latter, I have tried numerous metal polishes on my gas cap. Some have done a better job than others but none have made the aluminum cap look EXACTLY like chrome like the Awesome Metal polish. I’ve tried Mothers’,Flitz, Master Polish, Simichrome, you name it. Flitz came the closest but still left that “polished aluminum” cast. Awesome metal polish is aptly named.

Therapy session is over. Well, there's always my truck....

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Comment by Ross Thacker on September 22, 2008 at 5:57pm
Jeff, You didn't mention whether the coefficient of friction was reduced... If it was, what is the bike's new max speed?


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