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Well Lloyd didn't wait long to start another conversation, more an autobiography on his younger days. As interesting as it was, I'll let him tell you in his blog, rather than here. If I told you, you wouldn't believe it.

I split from Lloyd near the western border of Wisconsin and made my was north to Osceola, WI. Unloading the bike from his trailer must have attracted the rain gods. No sooner had I packed up the bike, the clouds gathered and began a steady downpour, causing me to take shelter and rethink my intended route and decide to superslab it to the Victory plant and scope out a hotel. Once committed to the highway and not the scenic route along the Mississippi to the west, the sky, of course, cleared. Sometimes you just gotta go with your first plan!

After settling in at a nice hotel (River Valley Inn) near Victory's Osceola, WI plant, I sat back and watched the bikes begin to trickle in. I actually was the 2nd bike at the hotel. Glen from northern texas was standing in the parking lot and greeted me as I pulled in. Seeing another Victory was what made me turn in. The bikes that followed were from all across the country. It's exciting for me to walk up and meet each new arrival and find out where they came from. Some have heard this site, others have not. No matter, it''s all good. Everyone here is eager to check out other bikes and how each owner has personalized it. Soon the hotel parking lot had about 25 bikes from 8 different states.

Tomorrow we tour Victory's Osceola facility where the freedom engine is made!

From the road,

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Comment by Pete on August 14, 2008 at 11:44am
Your're learning. Nice entry. Hmmm. me telling the Jedi a thing or two!
Pic's please!


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