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Beef Jerky and Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, err, Rallies

From Tuesday 8/12/09:
Beef Jerky and roadtrips are the foundation of mankind, or, at least one of the things you pair together when you talk motorcycle rallies. Boy, what an opening line, some explanation is needed. I’m in a ford diesel heading west, evening sun is in my eyes, and the buzz from too much caffeine is making typing difficult. It’s Lloyd Greer’s truck and we’re pulling his dyno trailer through the hills of western Pennsylvania, on our way to the Victory Rally in Spirit Lake, IA. While it’s currently a clear day, that wasn’t the case at 4:30am when I left Massachusetts. Rain & thunder across new England helped me feel better about loading my bike into Lloyd’s trailer for the 1500 mile trek to IA.

Back to beef jerky. What a great invention. It’s the quitessential road food. With a slab of jerky waving in his hand for emphasis, Llolyd begins a technical explanation of the inner workings of closed loop fuel systems and how they relate to stochiometric fuel ratio, high compression motors, volumetric efficiency, and, to some degree, the size of the bosoms on local Pine Bush, NY women… OK, I added that last part to be cute, but it does illustrate how roadtrips and road food (jerky) set the mind free for spurious random thought processes.

With the sun dipping below the windshield visor, and the road turning to the typical mesmerizing I-80 thump thump thump,I can’t wait to see what new revelation Lloyd, a true motor geek, and I, a certified web geek, and Nicole, Lloyd’s newest team member, will come up in our next conversation. Stay tuned.

--From the road.

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Comment by Pete on August 14, 2008 at 3:33am
You know Jeff, that's why I always enjoyed RIDING with you on the long trips, you on your bike, me on mine, I couldn't hear you babble for 20 hours straight!
Have fun, maybe next year I'll make the trip again. Tell Lloyd hi and that I still have his rims.
Comment by Joe Di Rocco on August 13, 2008 at 7:44pm
Ah yes, beef jerky, food of the motoring gods. Just one thing though...if it goes in, its got to come out. Can you say "Roid Run"? My best regards to you and Lloyd on your latest adventure. Looking forward to many pictures of, ah...bikes. Yes, that's what I mean. Large, wonderful,

Ride Safe,
di roc
Comment by Yes Sir on August 13, 2008 at 6:26pm
I'm awaitn' on baited (vodka breath) Jeff for the next installment...Ford about them DuraMaxs. BTW, big bosoms and beef jerky in the same opening blog...way to go Mr. Wordsmith.

Y'all have fun out there...ifn it wasn't for my daughter having to get settled in at Western Carolina University this weekend, I'd be on the way.

(Be safe Mio) BTW, hop a ride on down with Mr. Lloyd to the Meet in the Mountains!


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