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 Day One SOLO

O.K just a quick write up I don't normally write to much Online but I'm going to about this bike. For two reasons.

1) a good friend asked for my opinion on the bike.

2) it's worth while taking the time to say just how impressed I am with the new Indian Chieftain I'm going to start with WOW this bike handles unbelievably for a heavy bike.

It has plenty of power down low. And stops better than my Vegas 8 ball. And Considering it weighs about 85kg more than my Vegas that's pretty awesome. 

I took my mates Victory cross country for a quick spin to compare the two. Now not taking anything away from the Victory which is a nice bike, but they really are two very different bikes.

In my opinion the Indian turns better , stops better and as I said earlier has plenty of torque. The features this bike offers is also pretty impressive same as the cross country it has cruise control a sound system , hard panniers, and fairings. But on the chieftain the panniers are locked / unlocked from a button on the tank or from the keyless fob that is also used to start the bike, that's a nice feature .  

The front screen on the Indian is also electronically adjustable from the push of a button on the dash.

Comfort is an import factor on a bike built for long treks and again this bike has it.

This style of bike is not my normal taste but I find the Indian to be really quite pretty to look at, and the more I look at it the more attractive I find it. I'll stop there before this gets weird.

The only two negatives I have found so far is the speakers sound a little tinny when up loud , and you need thumb extension to reach the stereo and cruise controls, but having said that they are minor negatives and if you were considering an Indian the positive sides make those issues seem insignificant. Well I'll write more tomorrow evening after a day of two up and let you all know how that went.


Day Two  TWO UP 


Left this morning under a cloud covered sky, and headed toward the Blue Mountains. With two on the bike I'm impressed with the power, considering bike plus two up is over half a ton of weight. She powered up Lapstone hill and around the sweeping right hander at the top effortlessly. Some tight corners around the back streets of Wentworth Falls and Katoomba with no problem. 

After a nice late breakfast at Pomegranate cafe Katoomba, which I also recommend, We were back on the bike this time in the pouring rain.

Even in the wet this bike handles well, but with water on the screen and on the visor of my helmet it was awkward to see.  I'm not used to a screen however, I'm used to a naked bike with wind belting me around, which tends to blow the water off your visor. And sometimes at speed wants to blow the rider off the bike LOL but that's my thing , with a screen in front of you this doesn't happen. So I put the screen down as far as it would go and looked over the top, this was better for me. The water from the front fairing streams straight off the bottom and onto your legs so from the knee down I got very wet. Normally on a bike like this though you would have a pair of wet weathers in the panniers so that would not be a problem. I did not,  so my legs were a little cold by the time we got home.

I stated earlier that the sound System  was a little tinny However having discovered the usb port I plugged in my ipod with some high quality Mp3’s (1980’s heavy Metal).

This made a difference in quality over just radio so for music I recommend using an ipod.  So in two short days from City Traffic to highways,  mountain twisty’s and bad weather, and for Comfort and performance  this Bike has come out shining So the answer my friend, is yes, I recommend this bike and you should test ride one but make sure you've got your money with you because you WILL want this bike.

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