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Got To Get There - VA to CA Day Three

June 26, 2010 - Since I wrote about Day 2 it has been over 3 months since I took the ride and the memories are not as fresh in my mind, but the things I want to remember are still there. This may not be as detailed as day one and two, but it will capture the essence of the trip. When I ride, I ride hard and long, but I try to remain prudent to stopping early…


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Got To Get There - VA to CA - Day Two

June 25, 2010: Had to pick up the pace a little if I wanted to get to Castle Rock before the witching hour. Again, the miles ahead seemed rather daunting but with each passing mile and the rhythm of the highway faded away any concerns. St. Louis had construction action going on that brought me down to a crawl of the westside of the city, but soon I was back wide open. As the sun began to lift high in the sky the heat began to suck the life out of me, with the CamelBak I was…


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Got To Get There - VA to CA - Day One

Okay, I'm pulling back on the 60 hours for a few reasons. Most folks think I'm crazy to start with, but I didn't want to stress the bike out and needing to be there for work first thing Monday morning. So I'm leaving today, giving me a good four days of travel. I've got the new tire on and have changed my oil. I've looked the bike over and everything looks well, and it is running at the top of its game.

I think that I'll ride I-70 across to Castle Rock, CO and meet up with the…


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Got to get there, VA to CA in 60 hours

I've got to take a little business trip to the Mojave just northeast of Barstow California. Instead of flying out there at 30,000 feet in a few hours, I've decided to take a day of vacation and the weekend to travel. It is a choice that I am making and feel, having done a few long distance rides already, that this will be doable. Now, by far, 2,500 miles will be the most I've done in a single one-way ride in any length of time. I have a documented IBA 1,036 miles in 15 hours, and I've done a…


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A Vision in the Snow or Winter Riding: Points of Failure

I want to share this experience and say that on any other bike I wouldn't have even come close to what I did as I did on the Vision. The Visions stance on the highway and the finese it has enables the rider to go beyond the normal boundaries of riding a motorcycle. It is not to say that a Vision rider is invincible, it is that the thresholds of motorcycling are extended on the Vision beyond any other machine out there today. Despite that, after riding in a not properly anticipated snow storm I… Continue

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Vision Dash Organizer

8/3/2009 Slow in the making. Logistics are always what you want it to be, especially in the world of fabrication. The leatherman is a one man show and has been swamp over the summer months so far. That is great for him. Had a slight delay as the bag must fit the curve, so I ordered a dash so I wouldn't need to leave my bike. After getting the top dash piece I had to make sure it would be the same as mounted since it is very flexible. He know has that model to work from. He's coming off vacation… Continue

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Texas - 2008 - Updated 1/10/09

Map of Trip: Total Miles 3,517 Total Hours 63 Average Speed 55.8

The red hook at the border is the trip to Rio Bravo Mexico.

Day Two Posted - 11/30/08


Day Five Posted - 12/4/08

Day Six Posted - 12/13/08

Day Seven Posted - 12/19/08

Day Seven Posted - 1/10/09

Day One – 11/11/08 1,259 – 20 hours

Leaving out on… Continue

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Vision Facts

With the Vision being as new as it is and sort of a mystery to many I wanted to start a list of Vision Facts that can be built upon as time goes on. It can be a source of trivia and should anwer the curious questions. Please feel free to comment or message me to add more to the list.

1) You sit in a Vision, not on it. The Victory Vision provides a cockpit feel unlike any other motorcycle. The seat height is the lowest in its class, Touring, providing low center of gravity that puts… Continue

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