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I have a 2010 tour premium which had fitted to it a set of Big Ness Honkers a couple of weeks ago. For me they are a bit too loud so I am going to get Stage 1 Level 1 mufflers fitted next week.

If you want a bike which comes alive and barks the honkers would be for you. I have done some research on what some others have done and a couple of vision owners have changed from honkers to S1L1 after upgrading cams as it got to loud for them. There are mixed reports on the performance benefits of honkers, but I felt the bike is a bit more responsive. I hardly notice any gearbox noise now. I can listen to the radio if I wear ear plugs and it all sounds surprisingly good

I will add to this thread my thoughts on S1L1 in a couple of weeks after I have experienced them for a while and try and reference them against my memories of stock and the honkers.

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Stage 1 Level 2 pipes fitted today and the exhaust note is what I wanted. I was going to get S1L1 but I am happy with S1L2

My review of the difference between the ness honkers and S1L2 is;
Pros for S1L2: from the riders seat the sharp volume is down unless under a fair bit of throttle above 2500 rpms.I am now able to accelerate gently or normally without the big noise. I can now cruise at highway speeds with the quiet rumble of a Vee motor instead of the loud drone. It still feels more sporty than stock. I can listen to the radio again without earplugs. The pipes look a lot better than the ness honkers, more finished. I feel I will be happier to go on long trips again. There is still a sporty note there but not directed at the rider anywhere near as much.

Cons for S1L2: I can hear the gearbox whine again but less than stock. Around town I have lost the wild thing ride which comes with big bold sound of the honkers. The rumble on deceleration has gone which I didn't mind. There is less big bang pop between gear changes which I liked a bit also. Cost of S1L2 is about double of the honkers.

I am not sure what the difference is other than from the riders seat.

Thanks John, I know you posted this a while ago but having found it I'm glad you did, looking at pipes for my Vision Tour right now and your Reviews very helpful.
Been asking around a bit too and get similar feed back, S1L2 are the go for me and keeps the bike rideable for touring etc.

I went on a Tasmanian tour organised by victory owners there and for a week thirty of us roared around Tassie with the throttle often open and tacho reading above 3,000 rpm up and down the gears. I enjoyed the exhaust note and felt I belonged with all the other hammers, vegas and jackpots with their sports exhausts.

Lovely strong "bark" under power.



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