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Hi Guys


Harry’s Café De Wheels has just opened in Penrith and Burwood so I thought what about a Harry’s Café De Wheels Pie run.

Starting of at Liverpool ( 20:00 ) heading to Burwood next Parramatta and then Penrith.

This would be mainly a chance to show of the bikes and make some noise. Also if your able to eat a pie at each stop even better.

Something different and a chance for the Sydney Boys to catch up.




Allan (0488825526)

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Love to Allan, but going away for a weekend ride instead. Maybe next time

Hi Allen, these pie runs, night rides, sound great, keen to do another ride with you guys soon but can't make it up there for this one, hope you all have a great ride & night!! Tony

Hi Allan, Cant make this night ride, how about adding Woolloomoolloo Harry's to your next pie run, day or night. For those closer to the coast.

Mate not a hope in hell LOL the cops would be on us like a tourist on one of Harry's Pies :-)
I like my pipes loud

Scar, ya got a few hrs left to get a flottilla together, than ill come lolz.

Hi Gents    Have to agree with Allan   RTA  hassle you in the CBD  just ask Matt, sorry can not make as bike gettin some mods done  See you guys soon

Do I have to reply Scar ?
Cheers Allan
Cheers boys. How have ya's all been.
Sorry Allan, can't make this one either. Going away for the weekend. Hey man. Just a heads up. Speaking to a mate of mine the other day, and he was saying they had the EPA down at Harrys Liverpool busting some cars a month ago. Scout the place before you pull up bro. Newcastle may be a better option yet. Ha ha. Cheers Scar.
Hi Dax
I saw months ago on ACA the EPA checking the boys at Liverpool (Cars) so I've always done a drive by at Harry's before going in.
Seriously! These bloody EPA, RTA, COPS, seam to be focusing on the totally wrong direction, picking on a few harmless bikers with aftermarket pipes AS MUCH AS THEY DO is totally obsessive, not to mention the damage they obviously cause to small business like Harry's etc etc etc, there's far to much other serious shit going down in Sydney and Melbourne that the revenue being wasted on bloody sound police "should" be spent on SERIOUS CRIME! And the damage that's causing our city's and states.
When was the last time a loud pipe killed, maim'd or crippled ANYONE

What u have said is completely true Tony, and as someone who has been done "TWICE" recently for loud pipes i have to say this, the cops need to uphold the law regardless, this is why they do it. Its not personal al all, and they should uphold the law. But this law sucks, and politicians should look into making exemptions for bikes for safety reasons, i believe loud pipes do save lives, and i think that there should be a state govt enquirey into this fact and the laws should reflect the findings.

Well guys just rode through the rocks cbd woolloomoolloo watsons bay boys in blue along side me in double bay just looked at bike with interest. Maybe don't use so much throttle in these places TC



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