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I am hopping that this group in the VRN will grow to be more active.


With this in mind, I am doing a membership drive trying to invite members on the VRN that live in or around SQLD to join our group as well.


If you know of any, please ask them as well. We may end up with a good size network of riders that will enhanse the enjoyment of the monthly Victory Rides.

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hi darryl,

whens your next ride around the gold coast area?

I ve suggested a ride to Tumblegum in August Paul

Hey Darryl, the ride to Tumblegum is good. However why do we have to wait so long?  can't we arrange a ride next week or next fortnight? Why is our group so slow in making decisions? We have 20 odd members in our group surely there is someone out there interested in meeting up with fellow Victory riders? >IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE? Cheers.

Hi Frank

Yes there are rides organized through the year. I've started a discussion on these I was checking to see who is coming on the next ride which is for the 20th of this month to Kenilworth.

Hi Darreyl, thanks for returning my message. 

May i suggest that what our group needs is a dedicated spot for our SEQ Victory riding club with all the rides available throughout the month in the one spot. So when any of our members want to do a ride they can plan ahead and decide which ride will suit them. Because different people will like to choose their rides depending on distance. Some of the younger riders may wish to do a long ride such as 600K and others may only want to do a 300k and for that matter some may wish to do a weekend ride. 

To me it seems we need to have this dedicated site so we can see clearly when the Victory rides are on. WHAT DO YOU THINK.

Hi Franks

Here is the current rides for this year. Rides for SQLD 2013

Feel free to add to it.


Hey Darryl,

Good 2 c u got people moving in the right direction m8.


Hey Frank,

Instead of having 1 point of call for starting how about picking 1 point at each direction so that some of us don't have to double back ( ie - North Rides - BP Berpangary Bruce Highway, West Rides - BP Goodna, South Rides - BP Yatalla etc ).




Hi Alan, 

I think that's a good idea.

However, if for example there were a few riders living on the  Western and Southern side of Brisbane wanting to join a designated ride to the North coast, it might be sensible for this group to meet first at Rollies before proceeding to BP Burpengary. together. 


I'm hearing u loud and clear.

4 the biginning it's got to be plausable - But hopefully we all can become a close bunch of riders and then from there each group from each side of town can dictate there own meeting point and leave to meet the main meeting point.

I think Sunday's going 2  look like the day of choice ( Except 4 weekend overnighters ) for most riders and Rollies don't offer brekky on Sunday lol.

PS - Paul - Your bike looks radical m8.. - Can't wait to get my eyes on that ride.

You mob of pooftahs - I have no fuckin idea when I get a weekend off until the Friday the week prior.

Goin on that I'll ride with anyone, anywhere, day, night, wet (like the Hell's Angels Poker Run),in the dry, in the snow, not in the snow; whatever.

Hey Kert I have a 2010 CC and thinking about putting a hydraulic clutch and maybe getting a centre stand.


Pooftahs ( Haha ), i see that one ride with the Victorian's in Tassie has got you all juiced up buddy.

I didn't hold much thought to when i was told you were the publisher, director and actor for the movie clip "Willy Bum Bum " but now i know the boy's down south are honest blokes.

Oh by the way - Get a fckn real job m8.

C u on the ride Juicy Lips.




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