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I am hopping that this group in the VRN will grow to be more active.


With this in mind, I am doing a membership drive trying to invite members on the VRN that live in or around SQLD to join our group as well.


If you know of any, please ask them as well. We may end up with a good size network of riders that will enhanse the enjoyment of the monthly Victory Rides.

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I'm Looking to see who is interest in a group ride.


Victroy Brisbane has had one since July last year.

If your interested, let me know how long a ride you would like. I am a long distrance rider so 600 - 700km doesnt worry me but I understand some might only want a 300km ride.


We have been blessed with great roads and views here in SQLD. So we should take advantage of them.

Hi Darryl,

Have you had a Victory Brisbane ride since April last year? I would be keen to join one, not sure about 600km but up to 300km is fine.

Let me know if you get another ride arranged.

Presume you leave from Rollies?


Hi Deano, We haven't had a proper ride since July 2010. 

I am happy to do a ride. Let me know how far and how long.

I'm a Ulyssian and so 500 - 600kms a day is no problem but I can understand some might like it a bit shorter. 

Hi Darryl,

I am also a Ulyssian from the Lockyer branch. I would be keen to meet at Rollies one weekend and head up to the Sunshine Coast somewhere as I have not had any riding up there. Most of our rides are south of Brissy. Are you riding up to the AGM in April I am heading up on the Thursday of that week and back on the Sunday.

Hi Deano, Yes hoping to go to AGM this year. Looking forward to next year out to Alice Springs. 

I'm with Redcliffe, we have our Poker Run this Saturday out to Wondai. Should be a good un.

Good on you Darryl,

Count me in. I have a Victory Cross Country and would love to meet up with fellowvictory owners and go riding

Let me know. Cheers

Hi Frank.  Thats great. If I can get some numbers i'll arrange a ride.

Hi Frank,

I am at Springfield Lakes so if you ever want to ride drop me a line. I have no idea where pine Mountain is but could meet somewhere.

Hopefully Darryl can arrange a ride soon so all us Victory riders can catch up. Have to drop my bike at Rollies soon for new mirrors, grips and a passenger seat.

Cant wait.

Hopefully we catch up soon



Hi Frank,

Had a Ulysess ride from Karalee on Sunday and Jay said you were going to come along.

Keep an eye on our website for the next ride. If you want to come along to our next club meeting feel free. Let me know. It would be good to have another Victory rider on some rides. Good bunch of guys also.



No More Bldy Talk and Lets DOOOOOO it.

Gotta see what you have done to your bike Alan

Hi All, in the first week of February 2013 I rode down to Melbourne and then on the boat to Tassie. I teamed up with some members from the VRN Melbourne and Tassie Group for a week's ride. There was about 24 Victory's 2 HD's and 1 Suzy plus Victory Melbourne brought ove a van with a Judge and XC Ltd for some of us to ride. It was a good week and great company from both groups. This was the 3rd time the Melbourne and Tasswegians got together for a ride.

It has been decided to do a Tassie ride every second year (odd year numbers, next being 2015) and the Melbourne group arrange a weeks ride in the even years - therefore the first week of February 2014 they are planning on a week around the Snowy Mountains.

For those that can, i suggest you start looking at your leave and monies and try to get on this ride as it will b good.

I am in constant contact with the groups and will or you can follow them on the main forum. Anyway I'll keep this information coming on this site as it gets closer.

By the way I see Scazzie and Rollies are trying to get some rides in...this will be good.




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