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Australian Victory Rally -

Snowy Mountains 1st - 8th February 2014

Righto Lads and Ladettes the Melbournians and Tasswegians are organising a ride in and around the Snowy Mountains, beginning of February 2014.

Below is a copy from the Aus & NZ Victory Forum site and you are all welcome to get on and have a look at what they are discussing.

Just a snap shot of what is happening; they have unanimously decided the "odd" years we ride around Tassie and the "even" years on the mainland. 2014 will be the first for the Mainland and I would not be surprised if there are 70+ bikes going and no doubt Victory may supply a support vehicle.

The organisers are looking at the routes and possible accommodation with pricings etc. They look at where we can share rooms etc to keep costs down and plus have a bit of fun.

It will be a good trip and recommend to you all to keep this trip in mind 

I am planning on going.



We are meeting at EDEN on the south east coast on 1st February 2014. The ride continues until 8th Feb after visiting many towns and villages.. Details  on stopovers etc. later..

Paul, Webby and Dave are agreed that any one group is limited to twenty riders. At this time we are guessing on the total number of riders taking part. Could it be 70 or so? 

If there is demand we may run a special group for those interested in photographing  plenty of the sights of the Snowy Mountains.

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Not to piss on anybody's parade but i think it might be best that we get our own House in order prior to this event .


( If u know what i mean )




For sure Alan.

However they are still welcome - I was the only Queenslander and there was no-one from NSW.

It was the first time I met the people and they are great.

But yes we should endeavour to do more rides  



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