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Is this ride happening ?

I thought i would get in early to schedule my busy work load.


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Hey Big Al, I have a B'Day bash on 180513. So depending on how hard I party the night beforehand, governs wether or not I turn up. And thats the best I can do in answer to your query.


I say play hard m8 and forget the ride. It's not everyday you have a birthday.


C U next Time


Yeah nah, it's all good & it's not my B'Day. It doesn't look like there are too many on this "SQLD Victory Owners" site that are really interested in the group rides or communication. I have seen that there is a couple of others & they are probably a bit tied up. But if the majority of the 24 registered on this site ( II think that figure is right) can't/won't ride in this awesome weather, I doubt you will see/hear of them in winter. It's a shame I was looking forward to meeting more Vic riders.

Oh well,

It looks like the 19th May ride is off.

Thanks Darryl for trying to put something together m8. I'll catch up with you on the other rides Ulysses etc ).



As far as I know the ride on the 19/05 /14 is still on ?


Nice one Wayne.


This is a year old thread m8.....What u smokin over there buddy lol


Hmmmm so it is, I gotta stop sipping my bourbon so strong !! ... Sorry matey, there is going to be a Shop ride on the Sunday 25th of this month, but I'm going to do another ride on the 18th of this month, if you're interested, may have a couple of other Victory riders along, a few Harley Riders and Hondas as well. ?

Give me a call on 0466111440 if you want to come along ?  





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