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G'day all. Just after some opinions on the removal of the baffles from the x bow exhaust? The stage one set up seems fine but a bit more of a rumble wouldn't go astray.. If you gut them do you loose much by way of bottom end torque/power? I picked up the 5 year warranty with the bike so I'm also concerned about the lack of back pressure burning valves etc. Not a big fan of decel popping either?? Any input would be appreciated as I'm sure many of you have been down this path..

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Sorry all. I didn't mean to rehash past threads inbthus topic. Just curious to hear from those that went the stage one dealer package and opted for baffles out?

Just trying to work out if its worth my while to yank em out or leave em in..
G'day Wes thanks for responding mate. You hit the nail on the head! Hunted high and low for answers and the solutions are those you have mentioned. I like the majority went for the dealer stage 1 upgrade.. I was aware of the fact the many started not to water you money and go for the after market upgrades exhausts intakes tuners sndvthr like but from want I found this could and would void the warranty especially if something catastrophic occurred and I for one didn't want to put that to the test! U have owned Harley's for years prior to seeing the light, and my last couple were in injected. Unlike victory they HD don't offer their own stage one upgrade so you go with the after market we tuner, intake exhaust and dyno and hope to god if something goes wrong you covered. Mate of all the bikes I have owned over the years my high ball comes in at number one by miles!! I love it to death and can't fault it in any way.. The only thing I would like is a bit more note but don't want the inherent popping and potential fine issues.. Besides my five year warranty I plan to keep my HB for many years and being a bit of a perfectionist I want to ensure she running at her best. Thought about cutting down the baffles but again the stage 1 map appears to be created to cope with the factory set up I.e baffles in??? I hope we will get some responses by many who faced the same issues and experiences..
In regards you back for issues I would take s punt on the fact that the only way to fix it is an aye market tuner and a dyno??? But what about the warranty issues? I know some like it but I hate decal popping...
Hi guys, I have the Xbow pipes and removed the baffles so they are louder, they were too quiet compared to the other pipes. I have the all the Llyodz mods, inc Llyodz exhaust gaskets, power commander/dyno and still get popping. I will try adding a V angled plate in the exhaust to help with the back pressure.
Mate can't understand why your still getting decal popping??? I'd be spewing..I would have thoighy the custom map with your dyno tune would I have fixed it.

One things for sure and that is I'm gonna stick with the baffles and stage one factory map..guess I'll just have to yell louder when I ride through box hill..
And it's a much louder pop noise, it's a work in progress
I'm sure you will get there mate.. Out of curiosity have you spoken to the ones who did your dyno tune? Maybe s trip back is worth your while... Had similar problems with my las HD but a tuner a dyno fixed the problem.. You've obviously gone above and beyond.. Mate once you work out your tuning issues you'll have a missile.. Good luck man
Yes been back to the dyno guy, the fuel to air ratio is perfect. I think it is due to completely removing the baffles.


G'day wozz.
Was on the eastern freeway today and pulled up to a magnificent looking xc in suede Black. Grouse looking bike... Spoke to the guy.. It was a Melbourne demo bike and I did my preaching thing. He loved it.. Any who I rode bring him and he gave it heaps.. It was pretty loud so I guess it had the stage one with the baffles out.. Mate in between each up shift it gave an almighty bang/pop!! Some may say that's grouse but me for one didn't like it.. My last HD popped on decal but never on an upshift and the race tuner and dyno fixed it..Mate I think based on what you have done with your machine indicates that the baffles (back pressure) must be the cause?? I'm not a qualified bike mechanic but having said that I've done my own work on bikes both rice rockets and v twins since I was 10 yo. The only time I heard bangs like that were on bike's that had leaks I.e. intake and or exhsust... Saying your air/fuel ratio is good eliminates that you would think?? I get worried about lack of back pressure burning out valves.. I'm interested to know how you go when you plug her up?? I'm not sure how large the diameter pipes were on the xc's after market pipes but the x bow s are pretty wide.. After hearing that it has made me appreciate my standard stage one set up.. I'm keeping my baffles in and I'll just yell at idiots on the road.. That's what open face helmets are for.. Lol


Once again I agree with you.  Loud can definitely damage your own hearing.  My HD left my ears ringing for 3 days after a Melb - Bris - Melb ride.  The coolest thing I saw was a street Pontiac Parisienne pull a 12 at the drags, quietly.  I think the standard Victory pipes are hard to beat and can handle some cam, timing, fuelling and breathing improvements.  This can avoid the popping and add some torque in the right range.   I will probably do this one day just to see other bikes reaction when a quiet Vision leads them trailing. 


I love it rod..I agree, something about the sleeper image...



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