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Morning all,

I used to frequent this forum when i first got my Hammer 8 ball, and used the site as an avenue to meet like minded folk, join organised rides and learn about my bike. The welcomes received when joining the forum were great...

Gaining technical knowledge about both my bike and seeing via photo section and the video section what others had done, and where they had been was great..

I love my bike and still do...

I now spend most of my time on USA victory sites, which generally do not have the same NEGATIVITY as has crept into this site..

Like myself, i dont see any posts from others who used to post or join rides, and see little activity from many new owners.

I read with disappointment some of the comments on this site related to shops, with individual attacks on employees etc, and am baffled with the mentality that compels people to voice  personal attacks...really get a life..or get rid of your bike...

From my perspective , and i live in Sydney, i have had nothing but GREAT service from the various members of the Sydney team, and in fact always take the time to call in and say hello when passing.

Like any business people will come and go..that's life..

I bought a bike, which is a great brand .

I am not sure what gives people the right to believe when they bought a Victory, that they would have input into marketing, employee relations, direction of Polaris etc...i did my research and bought a product..

I am sure i would have difficulty swaying or changing market direction, advertising etc for the toyota i bought..but hey..may see if i can call the Australian MD and have a chat...

C'mon let's use this site as a POSITIVE tool for promotion of rides, technical support and assistance, new product info etc.

Leave the baggage at home..or take it up personally as you see fit..

Anyway, i will continue to look occasionally at this site, and am thankful to the many friends i have met utilising the site for what i believe it was intended...

Thanks for taking the time to read this post for what it is worth..

OK..think i may get the bike out...and enjoy a ride..


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Same same..... Derek, but the 2014 Snowy ride was a great event to meet fellow riders...

Hi Jason,

thanks for the reply...would have been a great ride to go on..but was o/seas at the time...

enjoy the bike.. let's keep the good stuff bringing us back here..



Well said Derek

Hi Derek,& well said, I have had my C.C.T for 14 months now and still love riding the bike.

I was lucky enough to go on the Rally this year and meet some great people from Syd, Mel, Tassie and Qld and can't wait for the next one.

I personally am looking forward to going on as many Sydney rides as I can (work permitting).

So hopefully there will be more rides throughout the year.

I am keen to ride, as I am sure most of you guy's are.

Cheers Gary

Ditto...I have only had positive experiences with my Hammer and Sydney Victory where I bought a special mention for Greg at Brisans.

If there is any negatives I agree its the whining on this website.

I like VOG, Victory Forums is good too but takes too long to load.....I have a short span of attent



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