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first time user here from Auckland New Zealand, more & more Victory's on the road but no-one seems to be getting together down here... Hopefully the local Victory dealer will help put the word out to it's customers for rides & get-togethers!

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Hi Grant try search the VRN for Mark Stewart Kaiapoi Nth Canterbury New Zealand he,s a Kiwi that i have as a friend, you may be able to sign him up as a freind and start some contact going on down your way man. enjoy your Vegas low hope you hook up with a few others over there!. cheers Tony!

Hi Tony, yeah I spotted him previously, still new at "social networking" but will drop him a line soon. 2 months with my new Vegas now, awesome bike, thanks for your reply!

Cheers Grant!

I'm sure there's more victory riders over there mate just a matter of getting linked up,

Here,s a thought why don't you hit one of the Melbourne or Sydney Dealerships for a 'demo ride bike' and fly over for a shop ride and BBQ one week end mate, there usually once a month, with things being a bit quiet over there for victory owners and you being a new valued customer why not!!!! Cheers Tony!

Hi again, yeah there are quite a few Victory's here as you say, getting linked up is problematic as the local dealership is "dragging it's heels" about organising anything... great idea about the trans-Tasman weekend, will give it some serious thought!

Hi Grant,

I am in Brisbane but have a good mate with a victory in Auckland, he has just moved up from Nelson so may be looking for riders to catch up with. I will drop him a line if you wish

Hi Deano,thanks that would be great. I am north of Auckland in Warkworth which is only 45 minutes away with some really nice cruising roads, & more than happy to ride south too!

Hi Grant,


I will drop him a line and see if he is linked into this site. 

Good luck,

 I am coming to NZ later this year for a ride with him and if I get time I may take a day and see if I could go north and say hello for a coffee somewhere.

Will most likely have to hire a different bike as I cant find Victorys for hire there.


Thanks Deano, he should join-up this site asap & hopefully the other NZ Victory owners will also sign-up!

Hope the weather will be kind when you get here, have you been here before??

I have sent him the link to this site, I am a kiwi and only lived in Aus for two years.

Thankx again Deano, already chatting with him... Seem to be alot of Kiwi's in Aus, where are you from down here?

All good Grant,

 I was born in Inglewood but spent most of my time in Whangamata.

Nice bike Deano, can't wait to be able to afford some decent pipes! Country lad eh!



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