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Hello World...
I'm about to get a new set of rubbers fitted and was going to take the wheels off myself and just drop off the rims.
I've done this many times on jap and pommy bikes..
Is there anything special I need to know about in removing the wheels of a 2013 Vision?
Any advice and positive thoughts will be greatly appreciated...-))))

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The Vision is relatively easy to remove/install wheels. For the Front, be sure to loosen the pinch bolts on each fork and the axle should come out. You may find it easier to remove the rear section of the fender.

For the rear, don't touch the belt tensioners, keep them as they are. Raising the bike on a bike jack (thereby lowering the swing arm) will loosen the belt tension allowing you to slip the belt off the rear pulley. Some have found it helpful to unbolt the caliper (just prop it up on something). Loosen the axle nut, keeping track of the bushings (and their orientation). Support the wheel to remove most of the tension on the axle as you slide it out. The wheel  can then come out. Installation is the reverse.



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