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Any of you changed your wheel bearings ?


Do i need to PRESS them in or will the old fashion socket and hammer be okay.


And the swing arm ones as well.




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Alan just did my wheels and swing arm a couple of weeks ago you can use the old fashion way but I wouldn't recommend it I used a press for mine and the swing arm on one side are needle rollers in a small cage so I wouldn't use the hammer technique. Let me know if you need part numbers I'm pretty sure I still have the boxes the new bearings came in.

Thx Rob,

I bought all the bearings yesterday.. Just standing by swinging the hammer lol.

Ask your Fuhrer campbell newman, apparently he's surrounded by experts on bikes.

 They should be pressed in really! The reason...

Normal ball bearings with round balls only really take loading in the radial direction. That is how they are designed.

When you hammer them in you can shock the balls into the running surface… especially if you apply load to the inner ring when installing in an outer ring bore.

The opposite applies as well when installing the bearing on a shaft and any pressure is applied to the outer ring. You can excessively load the balls sideways bruising the running surface.

You may get away with a socket on the outer ring only when installing in a bore but you still run the risk of shock loading the seal or the retainer.

Sometimes if you think laterally you can achieve a makeshift press with a bottle jack and some wood. Just need something to anchor it to?

50/50 chance when whacked in with a hammer… they may only do half service or less? Just keep an eye on them.


So get something solid with the right diameter that covers outer & inner cages & whack it in!



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