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I've been keeping a record of the types and milage i get with the Kingpin.


I've clock just over 12000kms int he last few months and have used varied types.


here is basically the results.


BP Unleaded - 1 Tank - 5.66 L/Kms $1.419/L $0.0476/km

BP Premium unleaded 95 - 9 tanks - 5.69 L/Kms  $1.55/L  $0.0768/km

BP Ultra Unleaded - 40 tanks - 5.56 L/Kms  $1.579/L  $0.0937/km

Unleaded E10 - 3 tanks - 5.30 L/Kms $1.381/L  $0.0532/km

Vortex 98 - 4 tanks - 5.50 L/Kms  $1.577/L  $0.0775/km

Vortex Premium - 1 tank - 5.76 L/Kms  $1.359/L  $0.0831/km


Figures are averages. mixture of City, touring and everything in between.


Yes i now know i shouldn't have used the unleaded E10 and will be droping that. (pitty it was the best econmy too)


The BP Premium Unleaded came in good (only 9 tanks used) but the Vortex 98 was the best.



So far since 26/02/11

Total Fuel Kilometers = 12,240.00

Total Fuel Cost = $1,073.26

Total Litres = 687.4Lt

Average cost per Litre = $1.561

Average days between fills = 3.1

Average Liters per 100kms = 5.6

Average Kilometers per Litre = 18 (306kms / tank)


Best economy = 4.7L/km (361.76kms/tank)

Worst economy = 6.5/km (261.46kms/tank)


Interested in what others have used and found.


EDITED: 25/08/11

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At the end of the day your KP get pretty damn good gas Mileage. Your worst mileage is what I get on a tank of gas booting around the city.

Sorry to hear that Chris.


I'll up date these figures in a few months to see how they are going.

I did a ride from Caboolture to Tin Can Bay yesterday. 192 kms. A mixture of Highway, Fast Curves and Sealed Farm areas. We had a few good runs up to 135klm/h. I averaged 5.0 L/100kms  20kms/l 340kms/tank.


New Up Dates for petrol usage.

Premium is all i use in my scoot, and sleds nothin sucks more than being 60 or 70 miles from nowhere and having a fuel problem, also only purchase from good quality supliers. Here in the U.S. i will only get fuel from stations like newer Maverik's and Chevrons. Unless i screw up and miscalculate the distance on a long ride like say going from Utah to Colorada for instance then any premium is good premium. But locally i stick to them 2 . Ride safe .

Big D.



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