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I alternate from my hammer to the Vision, the hammer is a fun bike, great in corners, an eye catcher and got a bit of stick when you need it.

The Vision is a fantastic tourer, got the lot, cruise, heated seats, adjustible screen and all the power the big freedom V twin can muster.

What about you, why is your ride good for you?

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I'll take the Vision out for it's comfort and relaxed ride, the handling is great for a dunger classed bike.

If I want to hose the road rockets on winding back country roads I'll take the BMWGSA 1200.

Always good to have a choice, I love the hammer and have now changed the Vision for a Cross country Tour

All great models



The Hammer is a popular choice and a great choice, a little bias being a hammer rider myself


Originally wanted s hammer..
Rode a gunner.. Loved it..
Sat on the high ball and fell in love..
Looks old school..
Next to the Vegas it's the lightest in the range which _ more grunt..
Mini apes give you the feeling like your on top on the road vs on the road..
Love the satin paint.. Easiest bike to clean I have ever owned..
Next VIC I get may have to be a magnum..but I'll keep the HB..

Onya muzza, my son just got his 2012 Highball and loves it, the one bike he has always wanted, he can't get enough of it. Most likely puts it inside the kitchen at night  lol

I love my Jackpot ! it is my tourer, my fun bike and until recently my race bike. I could ride her all day everyday. 

My Hammer however is awesome ! It's my new race bike and my one regret is I can not ride it on the road. Oh the fun we would have :). This bike looks cool and Hammers. 

Hi Suzie,

Have you any mod's on the hammer?


So far he has TTi, PCV, IAV, Victory Cams (not sure what size yet). I havn't dynoed it yet but this bike already feels quicker than "Jacki".   I want to get into the 11's on the track the way it is and then add more Mods. My biggest thrill is watching the benefit of each mod so i want to have a 11's time card to start with :) 

I cant afford multiple bikes, so I had to pick a bike that represented the best compromise all round for my riding, Im a softie so I like comfort and all the gadgets that go with it, I also like something that stands out a little, no point spending all that hard earned just to blend in, so something custom looking, but I need to be able to use it on longer trips away as well, for me the Cory Ness cross Country ticked all the boxes, I absolutely love it.




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