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From reading other posts on here about that pizza dude , gettin thrown into the pokie just for doing his job. The movie Mad Max comes to mind -- as the judge has been watching it WAY TOO MUCH !!!

Hi Folks,

   I hope you don't mind, but I edited the title/description of this discussion to make it a little more legible and define exactly how to get to the "link" and what the topic is about.   I hope I didn't overstep, and can certainly revert it back, but especially on some mobile platforms the title of this discussion was kind of lost and almost looked like the software had an error instead of it being an important topic.    Anyway, with 4 pages of comments, not matter if one agrees or disagrees with the issue, it seems important enough to be clear and easy to find.


Here is what the hypocrite JARROD BLEIJIE said in parliament in 2009
Jarrod's speech in parliament denouncing anti-association laws. What a turncoat prick

This is happening to Queensland riders all the time these VLAD laws are a joke, the Government who voted it in is a joke because they keep saying it won't affect innocent riders, watch the video this riders crime was to pull into a service station to get fuel when the cops seen him, it has made the news and now the general public are starting to see the true nature of some very bad laws.

"Can you explain why it's 30 degrees and you're wearing a vest?"

Can YOU EXPLAIN what you wearing a Flack Jacket, Side arms, & heavy military style trousers, while it's 30' and your on a public street with no sign or likelihood of criminal activity-

I would really worry if they start to get their uniforms designed by Hugo Boss!

Them Queensland cops are pricks !!!! I guess all Gestapo are though. Utah Highway Patrol pulled me over a while back , the conversation went this way : UHP Where are you headed?   / Me Point finger ( That Way) / UHP Where are You coming from??/ Me Point thumb (Back there)/ UHP do you have business here / Me rock hand (side to side) / UHP Cant you talk ? whats the matter with your voice?? / Me (loud & Clearly ) Injured it in the WAR !! / UHP I havent ever seen that patch ?? / Me Well now you have -- UHP is this your Motorcycle ?? / Me you tell me as you have already run the tags. They are ASSHOLES no matter what country you reside in !!! Have a good day on that side of the pond guys Ride safe & keep the shiny side up !!!

That is the freedom parties petition to get Australia a Bill of Rights. If we all signed it and shared with friends it might help.

mate you should post that on his f/b page

It had been previously and blocked 'go figure'



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