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I am glad that this post has opened a healthy discussion I hope it keeps going that way

AAAhhh it's good to see that the truth doesn't get in the way of a good story. Speaking of stories, there are 2 distinct ones in the above news articles.

The first being a group of BIKIES arrested for associating. That shouldn't affect most of us. These are patched members of a criminal organisation.

The second story is about 3 bikies sentenced for contempt of court in a CMC commission. Commissions are a fair bit different from a normal court. Again 3 patched bikies.

So in fact we don't have a group of normal blokes walking down the street, stopped by the police and asked to provide details of their associates. Then arrested and jailed over that 1 incident. Which is what the above post would have you believe.

Don't get me wrong I don't want to see these laws affect normal people and if it does then they need to be changed.

But if it affects criminals then great.

Oh by the way, I didn't get my way (another mis representation). Blackey got himself taken off this forum because he carried on like a pork chop. I had nothing to do with it other than make a suggestion about how this is discussed on the forum so that it doesn't fill up the whole discussion area.

So lets see if we can find some instances of decent law abiding people being affected by these laws. Because these will be the best examples to use and publicise to have the laws changed.

The smart way to effect change is to use a smart argument.

I just want to know whythe fuck our motorcycle fraternity is so fucked up,we ride because we love it,I ride for myself mostly with a couple of mates,one of which some cunt in here banned,pissweak effort by that or those lowlives,byut I digress,we have the UIly sissies and HOG wannabe's siding with the Queensland scumforce and the 2 insane cunts running it,I am so over this bleating bullshit,I'm not a bad bikie so these laws dont hurt me,wake up and smell the fucking roses,these laws will be for anybody,If as a unionist we decide to strike and march,we can be deemed a viscious group and locked up,there will and can be many interpretations of this bill,but the ONE thing it is not,is it is NOT ANTI BIKIE,as people have said before,those being the ones smart enough to read it,it is for all wants and purposes an asscociation bill by stealth.

On the other matter of said member getting the boot,arnt you a brave lot,because somebody dares to speak their mind!

That's my concern mate. The inclusion of the legal organisation phrase really worries me. There are so many examples, like the union one you just gave. At the moment the laws are being used within fair and reasonable grounds I will admit but they could be used for whatever. And that is what worries me. 

and with this bill you could say that an R.S.L club could fall under the sights of a pissed of cop and then the fun begins as it dose not say or target any MC or Group it leaves a very large open HOLE  

I don't se the need for personal attacks here the whole issue is about  freedom of association and expression, there are plenty of laws to prosecute criminals but these laws are wide open and could be applied to anyone. And why has the  Qld police force set up a hotline to  register rides so they can keep track of  people.     .......Not all bikies are crooks and not all crooks are bikies..............................................................................

Just going to ask a pure and simple question here for those here who think these laws won't affect you, do you live in Queensland.

Many, many, innocent riders are getting pulled over, details taken, made to feel like criminals, so don't think it's only the 1% clubs that big brother is after sorry to say you are wrong.

So how do I know this, well I live in Queensland and I see and hear what's going on every day, now just to give you an idea a friend of mine has been organising a fund rising ride for breast cancer for years, she is a breast cancer survivor herself and she will tell you how the cops hassled everyone on the ride this year, tried to stop the ride, took details of riders on this ride they just tried to spoil the whole day for reasons we are still asking about and btw this ride had never to do with any 1% club.

More for you, where I live they have had a toy run every year but this year was a big no go why, found out that that the people that were organising this ride had some pressure put on them by let's say by people who like to wear blue shirts and one more for you, a very good friend of mine working in his back shed heard somebody yelling out to him, when he went out front he was greeted by two members of our police force, after about half an hour they left but they had asked him many questions, who he rides with, who he drinks with, who he associates with, so what was his crime, well he rides a bike and one of his neighbours heard the garbage from the Queensland Government about dob in a bikie and get a $1000 reward and rang the cops on him, he is not a member of any club, he has no criminal record, it was just some greedy little prick who knows nothing about bikies or bikers or riders which ever way you like to tag us and this slimy person just wanted to make a quick $1000 and there is a danger there for all of us from the public who just see's us as all criminals. 

Sorry for the long post but again as I said if you don't think these new laws won't affect you come and stand in my shoes for a while, book a holiday to Queensland and ride your bike around the Gold Coast and Brisbane and see how long you can last without getting pulled over and your details taken remember this Queensland Government said that innocent riders have nothing to fear so enjoy Queensland cheers.

Thank you bruce for your comment I don't live in queensland but have an ex-sister inlaw up there her man rides a scooter and has had the same thing happen pulled over and details taken and its only 150cc. And I do think that this will be the test case for the rest of Australia, and if or when that happens then all the "oh I wont effect me's"  will run screaming onto the network

Thanks Wayne first up I going to say that the club members who started all this trouble down at the Gold Coast riot deserve what they get if they end up in jail but 25 years would by over the top when you think that a person who commits murder only get 10 to 15 years for that crime also I must stress that not all 1% club members are criminals I know a few that are very hard working family men.  

May I also say to any members here that believe these laws won't affect you can I say this, I had this debate on another forum with those who felt the same way thinking it doesn't affect them and all of those members didn't live in Queensland that's why I asked the question in my first post here if you live in Queensland.

Please don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with a good healthy debate that's what keeps forums interesting, but I am yet to find any one from Queensland that rides a bike that has not been affected in some way big or small by these Vlad laws and the truth is there is nothing in these laws about motorcycle riders but it looks like we are first in line to be targeted.

Mate I agree with you that if you do the crime then you do the time but 25yrs for pissing in public is over the top. And a healthy debate never hurt anyone And you are also right, not all  1% members are criminals or involved in criminal activities. the police already have laws in place to deal with all the forms of crime so use them this is just another way that they can gather individuals information to create a list of targets

Its all bullshit, bloody QLD government are simply out of control bouncing of the wet paper walls of uselessness and trying to justify their obviously pointless existence.

The bloody hypocrisy of it all not to mention the hipocritical points where in one moment its all about protecting the general public from the make believe bikie war, then they bloody sponsor a typically fucked up event such as shoolies which seriously promotes underage drinking, drugs, violence, rape, death, toolies, rock spiders etc etc etc, the whole thing stinks, oh well put a little compound up in the middle of surfers paradise yep that will fix it  and the economy of SE QLD surfers Paradise will be saved Look at Me! Look at Me! were wonderfull FFS, wonder how much of the VLAD legislation was enacted during that event for the obvious because it was covered on so many levels with that event.

We all know theres a hidden agenda here for why these scum bags Campbell/Beliege have implemented & what they have done G20 etc etc, the overwhelmingly sad thing is how the hell do you get into the heads of the Sheeple "General Public" the people we really need to start objecting to this farcical VLAD Act and political Clown Show 'no offence to Clowns' and get this northern State back on track before the ultimate spread of this malicious wart ridden virus, then these pricks would be gone in a Bee's fart.

Clearly WE the motorcycle community are well on to it, well most of it apart from those two unmentionable traitor ass sniffing groups in SE QLD, but we all need to keep talking to friends, family, Butcher, baker, candle stick maker, credit to Mr Black on that reference, hair dressers, Doctors, teachers, the old guy down the street, and you local bingo group, were all well educated on this VLAD issue now pass it on calmly precisely and effectively only then will we see really effective change by the QLD Nazi Party and a clear message for all following governments that your public won't have your bull shit over our rights to freedom of association etc and lets give the media machine an enima while were at it, end of rant.

So true Tony if these laws don't get stopped you can bet your last dollar that other Australian States will what to try to bring in the same or very similar laws hence what I posted before, if you are not affected now it will happen down the track and yes I agree 110% that the Newman Government needs throwing out and I also agree they have got a hidden agenda, we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg what these laws could do to honest Australians and not to just us who ride motorcycles.



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