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My Vision stalls frequently when coming to a stop after riding for any lengthy period. I have had the bike in the shop several times now and they never seem to resolve the problem. Does or has anyone experienced this problem?? If so did you find a fix?
The bike always starts right back up, but it is a nuisance to come to a stop light and have the bike die. The bike idles great, runs great but wants to die when coming to a stop

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had same problem . I could be going down freeway and shut off. took to dealership. did not find anything but common solution is to check battery cables. didnt have problem lately just every now and then. Is there a fuel shut off for tip over quik shut off? that was something I thought about could be malfunctioning,
Just to share my experience I was able to lessen that symptom by tightening the exhaust header clamp nuts. That led be to believe it was due to an exhaust leak. I replaced the gaskets and cleaned up around the ends of the header pipes and the mating surface on the block and the issue is all but gone. I get the popping when it cold or when it is running hot and I get stuck in traffic. It is not like it was when I first got it, which was horrible. The dealer did little to narrow it down to the problem and did the work myself. The end of my pipes looked rough to the point to make me believe it had been leaking from the factory. I had the issue from day one until my 45,000 service. I hope this helps, I can't say that is what is wrong with yours, it was just my experience.
Thanks for the feedback. Have a great holiday and ride safe

As they get dirty you will have st steadily increase the idle speed. When you clean them the idle speed will go up 400 RPM sometimes.
There was a recall on the Vision for a bolt on the fuse panel that caused this problem. Ask your dealer about the recall.
I'm not sure how the bolt on the fuse box could cause this issue, but it has not been fixed (totally) even with the recall fixed. I have found that if one downshifts to decelerate, it is much more likely to occur. With that, I also now do not let the rpm drop below 1500 when in decel mode and not open the throttle a bit before clutching. The blip on the throttle right before dropping below 1500 seems to work for me and she's not failed since. I can actually cause the stalling that may/may not kill the engine. What about the throttle body? Keep it clean:) What about the exhaust gaskets? Keep them tight. Lloydz does have a much better gasket set and if this is the direction you are thinking of going, definitely get his set. Cost is very reasonable and it helps the popping (I've heard). The biggest improvement for me was moving to the Lloydz VFC-III and his airbox cover. Made a huge difference in performance, popping, stalling and my smile:))
I have Lloydz VFCIII, Intake Plate, and IAV installed and tuned as best I can understand the documatation, yet my 2010 Vision 8-Ball, with Stage 1/L2 mufflers, coughs and stalls often. I have to avoid blipping the throttle or I have to baby the throttle when I take off to avoid a cough/stall. Holy frustration and danger, Batman! Backfiring, too. Sounds lean, right? No matter how rich (or lean) I program the VFCIII or tweak the IAV, I get the same cough/stall/backfire symptoms.

This cough/stall thing did not happen on the stock setup. It is better than stock performance but I still get the same old poor throttle response. Unlike stock, I now have an uneven power band. Closed Loop woes. My 2007 Kingpin runs flawlessly with Vic drag pipes and S&S aircleaner.

Only 3000K miles and 5 months on the Vision. WTF?

Say if the bike is still staling try wrapping aluminum foil around the fuel line. Maybe your having a vapor lock.
If it don't help take it off.
Good lick
Hi Guys I hope there is a answer seeing this was posted some months ago, and I hope you guys re visist comments from time to time.
I'm down under in Western Australia and have a new Arlen Ness Vision, it's done 900kms and it back fires lots and now the indicators have gone when I switch left or right on the hazards come on. Seeing the distributor is 5000kms from home we were told its not uncommon that the indicators are doing that and the problem is in the rear indicator wirring or in the switch my sparky has looked at both and cant fault either. In regards to the popping and cutting out I'm using high octain fuel 97 is that maybe the problem should I use 92?. cheers Lou after all that I still love it and its the best bike I have owned.

Hi John, sorry for the late reply and thank you for taking the time to reply. I just returned from Melbourne and spoke with the guys there and they feel that I should replace that valve as that is what seems to fix it when a stage one system is fitted. I get my Tech's to look at it next couple of days. And I'm running the 97 and its no better nor seems to make more power but for the small amount it uses compared to m normal ride i'm happy to pay for top of the range fuel.

Cheers Mate

john leusenkamp said:

hi lou 6 months later and mine is still popping and stalling occasionally, even after installing the Lloydz idle air controller . after talking to other riders its a common problem,ive been told a Lloydz or ness fuel controller and a good dyno should fix the problem or its something you learn to live with as it only happens occasionally as for fuel use the good stuff 97.



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