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I was on the FWY today and i was flying and up comes this FLXR Harley.

It looked great and it sounded good too, So i did what any Victory rider would do.

I showed him what 1731cc is all about. Allthough its impossible to talk whilst riding on the freewway, I could tell the old bloke was shocked!!

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Harley a Victory there mate,

He didn't even stand a Sportser of a chance,

Hell he could have had a Pan and Shovel and still would have been dragging his Knuckle over his Flathead to get an Evolutionary look at your rear fender,

Hiballling away In a Vision Across country and Across roads Hammer-ing towards a Vegas Jackpot along the Kingpin Boardwalk down Hardball Hiway ,

Judging that moment forever.Well done Thorbo


a stock hd or mildly worked (huckleberry big-twin) can never touch a Vic, it's a no-contest every time, even to my amazement I've even rounded up v-rods on my xc-dresser through wisemans-spencer-mangrove road many times, even though a (1250 not the 1130) v-rod may have the edge on performance, the alloy framed cross-bikes make up for it cornering ability.

Beware:- Humiliating a huckleberry on a daily basis becomes vey addictive.... fuk i love my Vics !!

What's a Harley?
Tony it's that chrome thing in a Victory's mirror.
Orrr I get it! I see a few of those shiny things in the mirrors I wasn't really sure what they were? thanks for clearing that up Blackey!

Welcome Tony.

Here's a bit of history for ya mate.

Your HOG chapters were influenced by this crowd Tony...

That would have been the Crank Pin replacement day offer! with a free extended warranty for the first 30 that showed up yer? Thought there would have been a few more? actung! Hile Harley! Hile Harley! Mine Furer- Not


Cruising High-Ball through the suburbs this morning, a car sided up next to me and the passenger leant out the window taking a video with his phone... I turned my head and we exchanged thumbs-up, then I opened it up and left them with a good finish for his movie. This is the first bike I've had where people's attention isn't being caught because of the loud exhaust... instead, they're looking because it looks so bloody good.



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