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Victory Sydney - have they replaced their staff and mechanic ?

Hi again.
Sydney lost some great staff not so long ago including their mechanic.
Rob and the remaining staff are doing a great job keeping the show going smoothly...
I'm wondering if they have a replacement mechanic?
Last time I was there they had an awesome mechanic from their Queensland office covering for the short term...
Does anyone know if they have a new doctor and if so, who?
I've got some warranty work that needs to be done and I think it can only be done by Victory..
Please correct me if I am wrong.....

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Interested to see how Jules works out, on my second Victory & less than impressed by their service dept. Both bikes had cams fitted & both leaked oil like a '70 Triumph on their return & the second one had cams put in with the cam timing out..........

Judge sitting in Sydney with motor & gearbox out, waiting on parts from the states & still have no clue if they intend to honour the warranty (this was the shop's demo bike). Second time one of my Victory's has been picked up from the side of the road after work done.

Jules may be new but so far he is keeping up the Sydney's dealerships well established reputation as being non communicative with their customers.

Can't wait till  a dealer opens up in the ACT........never thought I'd be saying that!!   

Hi Ben, Sorry to hear of the trouble you have had. One of the team from Sydney will be in contact shortly to discuss the above.

Cheers but I don't have my mobile phone back/on me till after 4pm Thursday 20th as I left the bl@@dy thing down the coast.


12 months on and this bike is again on the way to Sydney with a buggered gearbox.

Sydney staff have been great however this is the second time it has occurred, hardly safe having a gearbox issue at highway speeds, twice now I have dodged a bullet.

2 trips away, 2 gearbox rebuilds. Regardless what happens to it now I cannot ride it on the highway or anywhere not local.

Please advise who I can approach to see about having this obviously defective and rather dangerous bike replaced?




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