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Victory Sydney - have they replaced their staff and mechanic ?

Hi again.
Sydney lost some great staff not so long ago including their mechanic.
Rob and the remaining staff are doing a great job keeping the show going smoothly...
I'm wondering if they have a replacement mechanic?
Last time I was there they had an awesome mechanic from their Queensland office covering for the short term...
Does anyone know if they have a new doctor and if so, who?
I've got some warranty work that needs to be done and I think it can only be done by Victory..
Please correct me if I am wrong.....

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Hi Robert, Jules W from the Melbourne Victory store has decided to move to Sydney for a while so he has relocated himself and is now the lead technician at the Sydney dealership in addition to Scotty who has been there a few years now.

Jules is a great tech and I'm sure if you ask around on the forum all the guys in Melbourne will sing his praise!

Give Chris Papamihalis the service manager a call and book it in.



Thanks Adrian..

Ill call them today.



ADRIAN How dare you let Jules leave Melbourne and defect to Sydney Victory!!! What a loss for us Mexicans!!! My god what will we do now!!! He He

Actual I wish Jules all the best and hope his time at Sydney Victory is a nice change for him, he will fit in well, and I'm sure the Vic Nutters up that way will accept him openly as we all have-
Good luck and enjoy the change Jules!

In the mean time we shall work a cunning plan to retrieve Jules back to the south-

Hi Tony, yes it is a loss for the Melb shop but you've got some really good new guys that have joined in Crete & Dylan both good on the tools and good company.



Both SCotty and Greg are great assets to the Sydney store,Scotty is always smiling when I come down from the Hunter to visit,you need to keep him as he is turning out to be a great mechanic and asset,as for Burnsey,I have nothing but praise,he go's the extra mile for you,he sold me my Victory,and I always catch up for a chat when I'm down there,and he will no doubt sell me my next Victory as well.

To Victory management,please quell the revolving door syndrome and get stability into the shop.

Cheers Phil

Hi Phil, thanks for your support, we are working towards that goal.

I look forward to that happening.

Well said Phil totally agree ! And Greg sold me my first Vic 6 years ago .

Thats ok, we Sydney Sides will c corrupt him soon Enough -)))


I recently had some work done in Sydney  and no drama what so ever ,could not be happier

Great to hear...
Well, I called Victory in Sydney and booked my Vision in for some minor warranty work.
Spoke with Jules, a charming young man fresh from Melbourne.
Very friendly and helpful... What a pleasant change!!!!!!
Will let you know how it goes while I'm there in person..
Seem Rob the manager has also moved on....
Just about a complete new team...

Congratulations to Head office in Melbourne for taking action....



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