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In case some people in here dont know about the VMC...

When I was contemplating purchasing my Jackpot (about a year or so ago) I really had no information how good or bad they were. Over 17,000 ks on my Jackpot now!!!


It was risky and I was forking out $32k. I came across the Victory Motorcycle Club in the USA. This is a fully functioning club with branches in Eng and Europe. It has been going almost since Victory inception. I joined up and read everything I could about reliability before forking out the money!!

As an example the "click' thread has speedo reading in it and its here that I was swayed to the Vic. Many are ... (in miles) 50k,70k,100k, 120k, Roadkills bke has 200k and another is getting close...thats frigging miles not K's!!!! 


Unfortunately you cant read the site as its a membership club you pay for membership which gives you amongst other things, forum access, mem patch/stickers and vendors discounts in many cases. Its about $15 and then 8-10 every year (from memory).


Advantages are... Two of the best Victory shops and mechs are in the club and active in the forum. One is Kevin Cross and the other is Rylan Vos.

There is something like 25 vendors in the forum that sell Vic stuff. All of my Victory stuff comes from vendors in the VMC. Some really nice billet stuff like my open pulley cover and even some kickstand rubbers recently. I have a Penske shock from Conquest Customs and stuff from WitchDoctors like pulley cover, finned cam tensioner covers and even a spare clutch cable inner that you just put in on the side of the road without removing the outer.


There is a technical forum that is very good and historical posts going back to the early models.

Another great thing is the number of Vics gives good info... like the Vision front guard problem of cracking and some have even split apart. Just some thing to keep an eye on.


There is a full forum section that is devoted to Australia that is very under utilised and hardly posted in.


It is in traditional forum format with PMs for example... easy to post pics et cetera.


Might be worth a look if some are interested...


If you joing up intro yaself in the intro section you will be very welcome.


This is not really a membership drive just there is so much great Victory info and history in there for a few bucks.





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I'm thinking of fuel controller in the future to fix the popping of my stage 1 pipes and flash. Here is just one post.... (by Burhead) on the two controllers I'm choosing between...



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I have tried both on different bikes so it is kind of an apples to oranges comparison. I think the PC is the better of the two. It has the ability to add and remove fuel. The VFC is great for mild bolt ons but I think if you want the most accurate tune, the PC is the way to go. The PC costs more and you will also spend some time on the dyno to get it tuned right. My 116 with a PC gets better fuel mileage than my 100" with a VFC. Most dealers are going to push the PC because it is what they sell. I would contact Lloyd as he sells both and he will know which one is right for your setup





Many of us are already members. I agree its very informative site and I know I should check it out more often than I do.


Oh ok! Cool! I wasn't sure. Thx.

The VMC is a good site for information also the VOG is great too, there is a wealth of knowledge and experiences on these sites and they have a huge following. There are so many Victory bikes in the US you'll find a discussions on just about anything you need, if not start one up and there will be plenty of feedback for you, great for info on after market parts before you spend your coin.
If I had read the posts about the pc5, cams, air intakes, timing, dyno and pipes, I wouldn't have wasted my money on my Xbow pipes which Victory sell as a performance pipe (because they look good) and it is clearly the opposite as they can hold the torque and power back significantly, the dyno doesn't lie.



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