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hello to all, I used to work for victory motor cycles as an anything person, then one day after 3and 1/2 years of dedicated service I was terminated, I am slightly disabled ,right leg lower prostetic, I was the detailer,bike assembler,delivery person,the list went on, Rick Thomas when he used to work there told me that my time at victory was no longer needed, when I asked why the response was that they had a new mechanic  and when he had nothing to do he could detail bikes, he didn't want to, so they hyired a female (able bodied) who could not detail a kiddies stroller, so I asked why I was dismissed from victory after finding out the mechanic didn't want to detail,why did I lose my job, I worked full time casual, when I was there I was asked to work full time but because of my injuries I couldn't , I used to assemble bikes in Williamstown, I would start early about 6am and assemble bikes then go to work at the city store, there were times I worked more than an 8 hr day, I have been asking victory why I lost my job to a female who cant detail,and the way they treat people at victory is a joke, I sold my halrley bought a victory hammer s, modified it to the max, did all  the car and bike shows handed out leaflets about victory talked,invited,people to the shop, I have custom cars too, so I would take my trailer load up the bike and take both, I have never ever seen anyone from victory at any shows in Victoria, the only show they won at was in Albury, Rick Thomas and Stig, went there with a shop bike they never built it they never owned it, victory owned and built the the bike, they won, how many other peope put their own bikes in, that they built,they owned,they did all their own work, people need to hear on how rude victory is,i am now detailing bikes from home and doing bikes for victory owners, who are impressed with the work I do, I detail all bikes and charge $100 a bike for a show finish, contact me at 03 93085747, leave a message if needed, thanks to those who listen 

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Stephen that sucks to hear the way they treated you, but I've got to be honest I'm not surprised one little bit. In this day and age they can't treat you like that so this is what I would do. What they did has got unfair dismissal written all over it, I would be seeking legal advice if I were you, they can't sack someone for no apparent reason and hire someone to take over your place. Let the courts deal with it you could get your job back but I'm sure you wouldn't want to work for those gooses again, so a nice unfair dismissal payment could help you out for the stress they've put you under,I've seen it many times before, trust me go see someone.

And good luck for the future , l'll be calling you for a detail soon.

hi rob, thanx for your reply, apparently they can do this, I was employed full time casual, if I was full time and not full time casual then they would not be able to do it, yes it is unfair I worked my arse off and did early early hours to unpack bikes for them in Williamstown, they even did the sit down bit and offered me the job of assembling bikes,i worked more than 8hrs a day then, I can take them to court for unfair dismissal but after speaking to someone from the courts I should have done it a week or two after not 1yr and a bit, that's ok,i detail from home, I know I am good at what I do,and so do other people, I have victory riders who use me for detailing, it just gets under my skin, I did a spare parts interp course,a buffing course,i truly think they have a problem with someone who is disabled, they were heard saying one day by a friend who works there, that they thought my disability would put females off buying bikes for their boyfriends or husbands, we still laugh at that, anyway thank you for your time rob,



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