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I dont know why i bothered to go back to the store today after the trouble i had with them after i purchased my victory crossroads in january but i did and it was another mistake i made.While we were at the store we purchased some goodies both for ourselfs and the bike with supposidly VIP pricing.If we got VIP pricing i would hate to see what they charge customers they dont like.When we got home i was surfing ebay and found some of the stuff we bought cheaper and with free postage from the same store(rather than driving approx 5 hours return).these salesman or whatever their titles are have got to start treating their customers both new and return better otherwise we wont return .I am not the only person having trouble with this store and it is dissapointing.While i was at the store i got a quote for some accessories for the bike worth just over 3000 dollars that sale will not be happening now.something needs to be done but i dont know what maybe posting this we might get some ideas on fixing the problem 

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Good point Ian, and what a nice looking machine you have created, look forward to catching up again soon.


Tell me if im wrong but Linc built that bike with his own ideas and shop money after the Turbo bike
he wanted to keep bike as part of his wages but was not allowed.
i understand he built it to ride and enjoy but just didnt go that way for him
things happen between Managment and emplyees that we all guess and misinterpret but will never really know


My $2

Your pretty close to the mark, give or take a word or two, but the reality was the decision for him to keep and ride it was reversed. complete new management team there now, always found the staff friendly and willing to help and yes they know how to service my credit card   lol.

The turbo Hammer didn't even run properly. after Lincoln left it sat in my mates work shop for about 3 months trying to fix up the fuckups to make it run properly trust me that bike was just slapped together.

Hi Guys,

Its interesting to hear how many people have had problems with the Melbourne store, i have now bought two bikes through them and i live in QLD, my first experience was stressful and disappointing to say the least in fact it was an on going saga for over 5 months and it almost turned me off Victory for good. i put it down to the salesman and his lack of ability to follow through or live up to anything he promised, the only thing that has kept with the brand is that the bikes are so good.

Based on a great trade in price I decided to give this store one more chance to live up to there brand and fortunately this time around  has been a marked improvement, infarct i received the kind of service that should have been given the first time around (this time with a new salesman) so in short i think there is some improvement.

In regards to there pricing though i do agree they have a monopoly because of lack of competition, so in my opinion i would continue to search for all your parts and extras on line as a protest until they earn your business with more competitive pricing.

Hello High Ball 61 I am just asking a question is there a reason why you didn't use one of the QLD dealers to buy your bikes was it because of price or servicing I live in QLD myself and I am just curious Rollies has always been good on his pricing of parts when I bought them for my Harley but never bought a bike of him and the Mackay dealership I know nothing about them cheers.

Hi Bruce,

the Reason i went through Melbourne for my first bike is because at the time i bought my Ness Vision Rollie's wasn't handling any of the tourer models for some reason and only had the cruisers.

The reason i bought my second bike (High Ball) from Melbourne the second time was because after numerous phone calls to Rollie's where i left messages for the person in charge of selling the Victories to call me back i didn't get a single reply. this also happened to another guy i know who ended up going up the road and bought a Harley instead.

Its a bit Sad really  :-(  because i really wanted to buy a bike from them but some one in there staff team let them down by not passing on messages. i think the problem is that Rob has to handle everything and he just gets incredibly busy.

Aside from this i actually like Rollie's, and In regards to servicing  you cant beat Rob, he is very good at what he does  and i have been very happy with there service. i wont hesitate to take my bike there for servicing in the future. :-)



A agree with the comments about Rob and he has always been helpfull with me .

When i need advice he always gives a answer and he doesn't get much $$$ out of me neither due to myself having a couple of spanner skills but he always asks me how the day is and has a little chat but then he hurry's off to do what he always does. He always has bikes in the workshop so that must tell you something.

Should we all chip in and by the guy a mattress with 1 pillow just so we can get him to be a bit more productive ( lmfao ).


Thanks High Ball 61 for that info like you said it is a shame really when you are ready to buy you contact the dealer and no one bothers to get back to you sometimes I think some dealers are there own worse enemies and then blame everything else when they face a down turn in trade cheers.

id like to be carefull what i write here as i love the Victory motorcycle and want to see the brand be a success even more than it is.

in the sydney store we had a certain employee (now terminated) who caused a few thousand dollars of damage to my bike and could have killed me as well as he did shoddy work an many maqny other victorys of ppl i know as well. this guy after i complained just a little to management had the nerve to ring me and abuse me on the phone, threatening me and yelling. I did mention in passing these things and other ppls issues they had with this guy to management, i didnt feel like i was listened too but alas a few months later the guy got the sack. best thing Victory ever did. Now James who works there is a top guy, he looks after us, has our hearts in his heart and genuinely does his best for us. The store is now a great place and ezio has it performing well. So my point is, Victory will listen to us, we just need to make sure they get our feedback.

Agree Matt, Ezio runs a tight ship with terrific crew.

Or Newcastle



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